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My top posts of 2013

A few days ago I was reading Shona's blog Freshbeautyxox and I really enjoyed a post where she provided a round up of her most popular posts from 2013.  Shona has very kindly agreed to let me pinch her idea, thank you Shona!

If you've followed me for a while then you may be aware that I originally started blogging over on Tumblr just over a year ago.  I wasn't happy over there as I had little control over my blog design and I don't think people are keen to follow blogs based on Tumblr (unless my posts back then were just rubbish!).  So in July I decided to change over to Blogger and I'm much happier over here.  It wasn't easy changing over and moving meant I lost all of my previous comments, all data for views on my previous blog and a few followers as well.  So although this is my top posts for 2013 it will actually be more like my top posts for July up until now!

1. Lord & Berry crayon lipstick in Plum

My most popular post by far was about one of Lord & Berry's lipstick crayons.  I absolutely love this lip crayon, in fact it made it into my top 5 makeup products of 2013, but I don't think many people have heard of Lord & Berry so maybe that's why this post was so popular.

2.  Models Own Ice Neons - Bubblegum & Pink Punch

My second most popular post is one of the first posts I wrote after moving over from Tumblr to Blogger.  I love both of these shades for in the summer, but I'm still not quite sure why Models Own decided to call, what I would consider an orange shade, Pink Punch! 

3. Calvin Klein Ultimate Edge lip gloss pots

For Christmas 2012 my boyfriend bought me all sorts of bits of makeup and he got me two of these Calvin Klein lip gloss pots.  I didn't think you could get them easily anymore (I think he may have picked them up discounted somewhere) but when I spotted that they were available on Fragrance Direct I decided to do a post on them.  I think this post may have been made popular by people googling for reviews of them before buying them from Fragrance Direct.

4. Is your makeup outdated? Expiry dates, shelf life and PAO

Earlier this year I started thinking about how long makeup actually lasts and decided to do a bit of research about it.  I found this really interesting, as although I'd noticed the little symbol on all beauty products that looks like a little tin with the lid jumping off, I didn't actually know what it meant.  I won't go into too much detail here as it's all in the post if you'd like to have a read.

5. Clinique Limited Edition Taste of Honey gift set

This was actually one of my first ever posts, so I apologise if it's really not very good!  This was one of the main presents that my boyfriend got me last Christmas.  He thought he'd got me the Chubby Stick gift set, which he knew I really wanted, and he was actually quite upset when he discovered it wasn't the right one (bless him!).  I haven't actually used these very much, as the colour they provide is so subtle it's not really my kind of thing, but I really should fish them out and start using them.

6. No7 Stay Perfect lip stain in Sultry

This was actually a bit of a negative review, but I think that may be more to do with me not really getting on with lip stains rather than this being a bad product.  If I remember correctly I think I offered this for free on Twitter and somebody took me up on the offer so I hope they're now enjoying using this.

7. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

I really like the RT complexion sponge but I haven't actually used it since testing it out because my go to foundation is a compact powder one and when I do use liquid foundation I usually use my buffing brush.  I really need to pull this out, give it a wash, and start using it as it does give a lovely flawless, airbrushed finish.  

8. Head Full of Feathers - Rainbow stars glitter shoe clips

I'm really pleased this is in my top 10 posts as it was my first accessories post and well, just look at them, they're amazing!  A new post with another amazing Head Full of Feathers product should be coming soon, I just need to take some pictures I'm actually happy with before I can get the post up!

9. Bourjois Laser Toppings - Aqua Purple & Neon Blue

This was the first post I wrote over here on Blogger.  I think these are both so pretty and give a really interesting look applied over black or white nail varnish.  I really need to find these and use them as although they're a little bit more difficult to remove than just nail varnish on it's own they're better than full glitter.

10. Urban Decay Revolution lipstick - Catfight 

The last of my top 10 most popular posts was on the Urban Decay Revolution lipstick in the shade Catfight.  I'm not surprised this has been a popular post as I think everybody was eagerly waiting for these to be released and I think they were definitely worth the wait, with some people now favouring these over MAC lipsticks.

So those are my 10 most popular posts of 2013.  I was quite surprised to find that several of my top posts were from before I changed over to Blogger, so I'm assuming they're popular through Google searches.  Although the posts above are my top 10 most popular, I thought I would just add one more which is the post most favoured by spam!

The spammers favourite - Soap & Glory Hand Food & Endless Glove

I don't know why but going by Blogger stats this post has been viewed about five times more than any of my other posts (although as you can see it's not in my top 10 going by Google Analytics) and this post also attracts up to about eight spam comments a day.  I don't know if that's a high number by bigger bloggers standards (I would guess not), but I find it hugely annoying!

I hope you've enjoyed looking back at some of my most popular posts and I hope all of my followers have had a good year, an amazing Christmas and that you all have fun things planned for new years eve, whether you're going out or having a cosy one at home. 

I'll see you all in 2014!

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Top 5 products of 2013 - Makeup

Although I've worn makeup regularly since I was about 18, before I started blogging I was very much a use one of each type of product girl and then I would just replace it when it ran out.  This has obviously changed since I started blogging a year ago and now I have several of each type of product that I use.  Even though I have more products and shades to chose from now there are some that I reach for more than others or that I just really enjoy using in general.

So here are my top makeup products for 2013.

Illamasqua powder blusher duo - Katie & Ambition (review)

Earlier this year I popped along to the Illamasqua counter in Meadowhall in Sheffield for a blusher master class.  When I got there I was told that for whatever reason the master class had been cancelled but I was offered a makeover instead.  I wasn't necessarily planning to make a purchase (I believe the master class cost £20, which could be redeemed against products) but during the makeover I suddenly panicked that they may still be expecting me to pay to cover the cost of the makeover.  Not wanting to ask I decided to just purchase a product and decided on the blusher duo containing Katie and Ambition.

Although I hadn't planned to get this I'm glad I did as it has become the blusher I reach for most often.  I believe you're supposed to use Katie (the candy pink shade) as a blusher and Ambition (the neutral shade) to contour.  However I'm completely useless at contouring and actually really like Ambition as a blusher shade on my skin tone so I just use whichever shade I fancy that day as a blush.

Rimmel Stay Matte foundation  - 100 Ivory

This is a sample size product I found in a Company/Cosmo goody bag from the Clothes Show.  I was really pleased to see this in there as I'd been considering giving this a try but was a little unsure.  I won't say too much about this here, as I intend to blog about it after I've picked up a full size version, but it's safe to say that despite being unsure about trying this I now love it!

Bourjois Color Edition 24H eye shadow

I haven't got round to blogging about these yet but a review will be following (hopefully) in the very near future.  I bought Petale de glace about a month ago with a couple of other products and got the free gift that Bourjois were offering at the time.  After discovering there was a voucher inside the free gift for £2 off any eye shadow product I went back and bought Merveille d'argent.  I never wear eye shadow, but my new years resolution is to start wearing eye shadow regularly, and I can see these becoming the one's I reach for daily.

Lord & Berry lipstick crayon - Plum (review)

My review for this lipstick crayon has been one of my most popular posts.  I just love this this lip crayon!  It's the perfect autumn/winter shade for me, it smells amazing, applies like a dream and lasts well.  I don't think there's anything I don't like about this product and I can't wait to pick up a couple more shades in the future.

Soap & Glory Supercat liquid eye liner (review)

I've always been shockingly bad at applying eye liner.  Over the years I've practised and although I still can't apply it perfectly in one quick, fluid swipe I have got better and can sometimes just about get it to look presentable enough to go out in public!  Although the Supercat liner does have some mixed reviews, the good reviews and the reasonable price convinced me to give it a try and I'm glad I did.  This just seems to make applying my eye liner so easy and I've now started wearing it regularly using this (and going out in public!). 

So these are my top 5 makeup products of 2013.  Have any of your favourite makeup products made it into my top 5?

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Top 5 products of 2013 - Skincare

As we're approaching the end of the year I started thinking about the products I've really enjoyed using this year and as I was thinking about it I thought I might as well post about it.  I've now hit my first full year of blogging and although I haven't tried that many products, I've definitely tried a lot more than I would have done if I hadn't started blogging. 

This year has been the year that I've discovered several brands that have now become firm favourites.  One of these would definitely have to be Soap & Glory.  After trying a travel sized version of Hand Food that I received in a goody bag I appear to have launched a one woman mission to try every one of their products!

So these are my top products that I've tried in 2013.

Origins Ginzing Energy-boosting moisturiser (review)

Back in July I requested a sample of this from Boots and I loved it so much my boyfriend took me out and treated me to the full size version (isn't he sweet!).  I loved using this in the morning in the summer when it was really hot and humid.  This is a gel-cream type moisturiser that has an amazing refreshing, cooling and soothing effect with a lovely citrus scent.  This provides a great base for your foundation primer and makeup, which I think makes it perfect for use in the morning.  I thought when the cold weather set in and my skin started to dry out that I would need to switch to a richer moisturiser in the morning, but I'm actually still using this now and for the morning at least this is enough, despite my dry skin. 

Elemis skin nourishing body scrub (review)

This is a very recent addition to my skincare collection that I won as part of a mystery prize giveaway for Kat's blog birthday over on Tales of a Pale Face.  I only posted a review of this at the beginning of December so I won't say too much here but I love how amazing my skin feels after using this.  Not only does this leave my skin perfectly scrubbed but also, as the name suggests, it leaves my skin feeling really nourished.  

Soap & Glory Butter Yourself moisture lotion

This one is even more of a recent addition to my skincare collection than the Elemis scrub as this was part of the Yule Monty giftset that I treated myself to just a couple of weeks ago.  I'm quite picky about my body lotion and usually stick to my favourite Garnier 7 day Intensive, however I think this may have now become my new favourite.  I'm sure I'll be blogging about this in the new year so I'll just say here that I love this.

balance Me Cleanse & smooth face balm (review)

The tube in the picture above is actually empty as this ran out a few days ago, but I kept hold of it to take the picture.  I love this stuff!  I don't think my skin has ever felt as smooth as the first time I used this and I don't think my skin has ever looked as good as it has since I've been using this.  I haven't bought another one to replace this one, as I'm sure I have other products lurking around that I really should use up, but I'm definitely going to miss using this every night and I'm sure I'll be picking another one of these up very soon.

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Solution Micellaire (review)

At the beginning of this year I had absolutely no idea what a micellar water was and what it would be used for.  Obviously I'd heard bloggers rave about Bioderma, but back then I was new to blogging and new to skincare (despite being in my early 30's!) but I hadn't thought about trying it myself.  Then I saw Escentuals looking for bloggers to take part in the Micellar Blind Trial and I thought it might be the perfect opportunity for me to step into the world of micellar waters. 

Bioderma wasn't actually my winner in the blind trial (Caudalie's make-up remover cleansing water was my winner) but when Bioderma went on offer on I thought I'd grab a big 500ml bottle so I could try it out properly (Bioderma is currently on sale on right now so if you'd like to give it a try get yourself over there!).  I love that this removes my makeup quickly and easily (including the notoriously pesky They're Real mascara) and that it doesn't dry my skin out but leaves it soft. 

So these are my top skincare products of 2013.  Have any of your favourites made it into my top 5?

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The Clothes Show Live 2013 - Part 2 (beauty)

Although the name would suggest that The Clothes Show is at least mostly fashion they do also have a large beauty hall packed with various different skincare and makeup brands.  The brands change slightly year to year but there are a few brands that you're likely to find there every year, including Rimmel and Models Own.  Some of the beauty stalls just offer a range of the brands products to purchase but some also offer treatments, makeovers and extremely good value goody bags.  

This year I think the award for the prettiest stall definitely has to go to Bomb Cosmetics.

Apologies for the cans of Diet Coke ruining the picture, they were handing them out for free and they were dumped everywhere.  I've never actually tried anything from Bomb cosmetics myself and I would have loved to have got some bits to try but it was busy, making it difficult to look at the products, and by then my body was telling me it was time to go home!  

One of the best beauty offers of the day was definitely from nail brand Ciate.  I'm sure you've seen the Mini Manicure Month advent calender that was selling for something like £40 in the run up to December.  Well guess how much I paid for it at TCS.....£10!  I wouldn't have paid the full price for it as I'm very picky about my nail varnish shades, but for £10 it was an absolute bargain.  When I visited the stall they were also offering any of their manicure sets for £5 each so I picked up the pink Corrupted Neon manicure kit.  Later when I wandered past again the offer had got even better and they were offering any three manicure sets for £5!

Brands offering goody bags included Rimmel, Barry M, Jelly Pong Pong, So Susan and Models Own.  When I headed over to Rimmel's stand later on in the day they'd sold out so I don't know what was available in their bag.  For £10 Models Own were offering your choice of three nail varnishes and a goody bag including a special edition nail varnish and various other products.  On the last day the offer had been increased to five nail varnish shades of your choice and the goody bag.  If I remember correctly Barry M were also offering a goody bag for £10 including three or four nail varnishes and other products but there was no choice over the shades.  Jelly Pong Pong and So Susan were offering goody bags with four items in for £10 each.  I didn't actually get any of the goody bags this year, either because I'd bought the same one the year before or I wasn't that keen on some of the products included.

Elemis were also there with their rather impressive looking spa bus.  They had a small stall just outside the bus selling some of their products but if you headed inside the bus they had more of their products available and you could also indulge in some treatments. 

A common method of promoting your brand at TCS show appears to be using some method of transport!  Rimmel had their retro scooter, Benefit had a specially decorated car that I believe was a Citroen and Carmex had their American cab.  Oh and obviously Elemis had their bus!

Other brands there included bareMinerals, Leighton Denny, Clarins and a brand I've personally never heard of before called Mint London.  Even if you're more of a beauty fan then a fashion fan it may still be worth making a trip to TCS as I think the fashion show on its own is worth the entrance fee and the bargains you can pick up are an added bonus.

Will you be going to The Clothes Show Live next year?
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The Clothes Show live 2013 - Part 1 (fashion)

The first time I went to The Clothes Show live was many years ago on a school trip and I've returned several times over the years.  Since being made redundant a few years ago it's not really something I've been able to afford anymore but last year I was really excited to win tickets to go.  I tried to win tickets again this year but didn't get any so about a week before it started I thought I'd chance applying for a press pass.  I really didn't think I'd get one so when the email landed in my box saying I had got one I did a little happy dance!  I decided to go on the last day to see if this really is the best day for bargains.

One of the main reasons why I love going to TCS is for the fashion show.  The fashion show at TCS is not like a traditional fashion show but is broken down into separate themed sections that include dance as well as the models modelling the clothes.  I think I probably enjoy the fashion show so much because of my background in dance and performing and I'd love to be brave enough to audition to be in the show one year.  I borrowed my dad's camera and was lucky enough to get to sit pretty much right at the end of the catwalk so I'm really pleased with the pictures I managed to get. It was almost impossible trying to narrow down the one's I wanted to show you!

Is it me or is one of the male model's the spitting image of Taylor Lautner?  If you recognise the gorgeous red haired model that would be because that is Jade Thompson, winner of Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model in 2011, and the 'face' of TCS.  As always the fashion show was amazing and by the end of it I was itching to be up there with them, especially when they did a section to Ellie Goulding's single Burn as I was involved with the music video and everytime I hear the song I'm transported back to raving on an airstrip at 1am!

After the fashion show I headed into the main show.  In terms of the fashion stalls I have to say I was a bit disappointed this year.  In previous years the bigger brands have always had stalls that were more like mini shops.  They'd be enclosed with just a doorway and at busy times you'd have to queue around the outside waiting to get in because only so many people were allowed in at once.  This year there were just two of these shop kind of stalls, one being for David and Goliath and a small one for Nica.  The majority of the rest of the fashion stalls are more like the sort of stalls you'd expect to find on a market.  Several of them obviously have the same suppliers as you found the same items on several different stalls.  I'm not sure why there appears to be fewer fashion brands than in previous years but I'd love for them to come back again in the future.

One stall that did catch my eye was for a brand called Silly Old Sea Dog, who make handmade 50's style clothing.  Their items are made to order and can also be made to your requirements.  They are also stocked in a couple of stores and when I checked where they were I was surprised to find one is only a few miles away from me in Derby city centre!  I really like 50's style clothing and at some point I'd love to get my hands on a 50's dress, complete with the proper petticoat to go underneath, so I'm sure I'll be paying a visit to my local stockist in the new year to see what they have.

I was intending to stick around until the very end of the day to see just how cheap things became as the stall were packing up.  Unfortunately though my body can't take standing for a long time, lots of walking and carrying heavy bags so when my back gave me a sharp pain I knew it was a sign to head home.  I only made a couple of purchases and just one fashion purchase which was a lovely satchel bag from Nica that was half price.  When I got my new bag home and took it out of the packaging I discovered there was a fault with the lining inside the bag but Nica have been amazing and I'm just waiting for a replacement to arrive now.

Apart from the fashion show I think my favourite part of TCS is the beauty hall, so make sure you keep an eye out for the second part of my Clothes Show post on beauty.

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Glossybox December 2013

This is my last Glossybox as the 3 month subscription I won has now finished.  I was really pleased my subscription was ending in December as I thought the last box of the year was likely to be a good one.  Unfortunately though I think this month's box is pretty average, especially for a Christmas one.  

There's no doubt that this month's box certainly looks very Christmasy with the usual pink and black being replaced with red and white and featuring a Christmas tree made of beauty products on the box and candy cane tissue paper inside.

I know you shouldn't expect extras but being Christmas I thought there might be a little extra like a candy cane or festive chocolate, but there was just the five products and I'm afraid I'm not hugely excited by any of them.

Wilkinson Sword Intuition Naturals razor

Unfortunately I don't usually use wet razors on my legs as I get awful shaving rash.  If I shave the other way, in the direction of hair growth rather than against it, I get less of a rash but the shave isn't as close so my legs don't even really feel that smooth straight after shaving.  I did actually have one of these not long ago but when the last refill ran out I threw it away as I think the refills are quite expensive, so it's cheaper to just buy new batteries for my electric razor, which only gives me a minimal rash.

Full size (worth £6.49)

Maybelline New York Volum' Express Colossal Smokey Eyes mascara

Wow, what a name!  Now, don't get me wrong, I love mascara and would never be without it with my badly behaved lashes but I've accumulated quite a stash that I'm working through and this will go to the back of the queue, so I won't be trying this for quite a while yet.  This contains collagen and kohl effect pigments to plump lashes and apparently give you a smokin' hot look.  I like the sound of that so I'm looking forward to trying this.  As I said though, that won't be for quite a while.  I've spotted that some people received one of the colour tattoo eye shadows and I'm really disappointed I didn't get one of these.

Full size 10.7ml (worth £7.99)

Rituals Miracle Balm

I've not tried any rituals products before and I love the pretty pink packaging this comes in so I'm quite pleased with this product.

Full size 75ml (worth £10)

Seche Nail Lacquer

I'm a big fan of Seche Vite dry fast top coat (although mine has gone all gloopy and stringy and needs to go in the bin) but I've not tried their coloured varnishes.  This shade is called Remarkable and I can't quite decide if it's a purple or more of a kind of dark blue, but whichever it is I'm not really keen on the colour.  I'll give it a try on a practice nail and see what I think.

Full size 14ml (worth £9.95)

Beautiful Movements Cosmetics nude lip gloss

If you've read my blog before you'll probably know I'm not a fan of nude lip shades at all.  I just can't really see the point in applying a lip product you can barely see and I wouldn't personally buy them myself but I'm always willing to give them a try in case one happens to wow me one day.  I'm also not really a fan of lip gloss as I just personally prefer lipstick.  The info provided with this claims it's non-sticky, so I'll be interested to see if this is the case.

Sample size 4ml (full size 8ml worth £12).

So this month's box does include four full size products and a generous size sample, which is pretty good in terms of sizes.  The contents of the box are worth just over £40 which is also pretty good in terms of value.  I won't be purchasing a new subscription to Glossybox but I do intend to keep an eye on the contents of the box each month and if a box takes my fancy then I would consider ordering it as a one off.

Did you get the December box and what was in yours?
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Yves Rocher cocoa & pistachio nut hand cream

If you read my post about the contents of my November Glossybox you'll have seen that this was one of the products I received.  I always try to use up one product before I start a new one but I couldn't resist giving this a try.

As I said in my Glossybox post I was slightly disappointed that I didn't receive either the cocoa and raspberry or cocoa and orange versions, but I do like the slight nutty scent that this one has.  This is quite a runny hand cream, probably the runniest one that I've tried (not that I've tried that many) but I don't mind this as I think thinner hand creams tend to absorb quicker than thicker ones and a big plus point for me in a hand cream is when it absorbs quickly.  This does indeed absorb quickly and doesn't leave any kind of greasy/oily feeling behind, another big plus point in a hand cream for me.  

I really like this hand cream and I'd definitely consider trying the raspberry and orange versions, especially as these cost the bargain price of just £1.95 for 75ml.  Yves Rocher is a French brand and as far as I'm aware you can only get hold of their products in the UK from their website (please correct me if I'm wrong) but delivery is just £3.50 (please take note British sites!) and delivery is free if you spend over £25.  

Their products are really reasonably priced and if you sign up to receive emails from them you'll also receive offers, such as the first item added to your basket being free (even if it's the most expensive!) so I'm trying to resist placing an order to try out some of their other products!

Have you ever tried anything by Yves Rocher?
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The Body Shop coconut eau de toilette

I recently popped into my local The Body Shop to have a little browse round and I spotted a display with pretty little bottles that looked like perfume.  As a reformed perfume addict I really shouldn't be looking at perfume at all (I still have so many to use up!) but I wandered over to the display to have a closer look.  When I got to the display I realised each of the perfumes was a different scent from taken from their products.  

Coconut is one of my all time favourite scents so I hunted the coconut one down, sprayed some on my hand and then was very restrained and left the store!  When I got home I was still thinking about this as the smell wafted up from my hand so I checked if they currently had any online offers (40% off, free delivery and a free gift, er yes please!) so I placed an order for this and the smoky plum eye palette which also caught my eye in store.

This isn't what I would call a traditional coconut scent, like sun lotion (I love that smell!), but it has a quite unusual smell that definitely does contain some coconut in there.  It's not the longest lasting, I would say it lasts maybe three to four hours, although it is quite difficult to judge this as you get used to the smell of the perfume you're wearing but others may still be able to smell it.  However this is such a petite sized little bottle you could easily drop this in your handbag to top up throughout the day.

As I said the eau de toilette's match the scents from The Body Shops products and this is available in Chocomania, Mango, Moringa, Pink grapefruit, Satsuma, Shea, Strawberry and Vanilla.  I really wish I'd tried the Chocomania one in store, as who wouldn't want to smell like chocolate, but I'm kind of glad I didn't as I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to resist buying that one too!  These are just £8.50 each so you could choose three or four different scents for the same price you'd pay for a typical perfume, and don't forget The Body Shop frequently have amazing offers online and in store so it's likely you could get these for even cheaper.

Which one of The Body Shop's eau de toilette's would you most like to try?

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Guest post on Freshbeautyxox

This is just a quick note to let you know that today I have a guest post over on Shona's blog Freshbeautyxox.  

Shona is currently recovering from surgery on her spine and when she asked for guest posters I jumped at the chance to help her out as I discovered at the beginning of this year that I also have Scoliosis.  I'm currently waiting on tests to see if my Scoliosis is the result of something called Marfan syndrome, which Shona also suffers from.  If you would like to know more about Marfan syndrome you can find the Wikipedia article here

My guest post is about the You Beauty Limited Edition balance Me box.  The box is still available to buy and I have written some mini reviews of the products included that myself or my mum have tried.  I'd love if you'd pop over to Shona's blog to have a read.  Do let me know what you think of my guest post if you pop over.

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Magnifibres Brush-on false lashes

My eye lashes are a complete pain and often completely refuse to behave themselves in any way.  They usually point in whatever direction they fancy at the time, the lashes on the outer corner of my eyes hang down and I have lashes that grow above my lash line, making applying eye liner difficult.  I love the look of false eye lashes and would love to be able to wear them for shoots, so it actually looks like I have some eye lashes, but unfortunately I can't apply them to save my life.  So I'm always on the look out for mascara's that will give me as much length and volume as possible.

A couple of months ago (I'm sorry this has taken so long, finishing my uni work got in the way!) Magnifibres contacted me on Twitter to ask if I would like to try their Brush-on false lashes* and I said I'd be delighted to try them. 

I really didn't know what to expect with Magnifibres and when I opened it up I was greeted by fluff on a wand!  Ok so technically it's fibres, not fluff, but it does look a little strange.

Magnifibres works with any mascara you want to use.  You apply one coat of mascara and then immediately apply Magnifibres on top while your mascara is still wet, just brushing them on as if you're applying mascara.  You then leave this for 30-60 seconds to give the fibres time to stick to your lashes as your mascara dries.  Then just apply another layer of mascara over the top of the fibres making sure you cover them all as they are white so you'll be able to see them.

1. No mascara 2. One coat of mascara 3. Manifibres applied 4. Second coat of mascara on top of Magnifibres

Although I'm not entirely sure that the fibres added any extra length to my lashes they definitely added some volume.  Looking back at the pictures I think I may have needed to concentrate on getting more fibres on the end of my lashes to add length.

I was slightly concerned about using fibres so close to my eyes but this didn't turn out to be a problem as they do stick to your wet mascara and don't end up falling into your eyes.  A couple did transfer onto my mascara wand but I don't see this as a problem at all.  I would definitely consider using Magnifibres when I want a bit more volume to my lashes, especially on shoots, and I've popped this in my makeup bag to carry around with me.  

Magnifibres are available for £21 and £3 shipping from the Magnifibres website but you can also find them on Look Fantastic for £20 with free shipping.
While I have some pictures of my eye ball on my blog I want to ask your opinion.  Are my eyes blue or green?  My camera may have changed the colour of my eyes slightly but nobody can decided whether my eyes are blue or green.  What do you think?

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