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Real Techniques Makeup Brushes

I hope everyone is having a wonderful 2013 so far!

I decided as it’s a new year I should sort out my makeup brushes so yesterday I made a start on this with a couple of purchases.  My existing brushes are mismatched, broken and I have to admit have only been washed around twice (I know, very naughty!) so it’s out with the old and in with the new (including a new resolution to wash them regularly).

My new brushes of choice are Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman and I thought a good place to start would be with the Core Collection.
The Core Collection includes:

Detailer brush - for concealing or lipstick
Pointed foundation brush - for liquid foundation
Buffing brush - for full coverage of powder or mineral foundation
Contour brush - for highlighter
These brushes are so soft and feel really lovely against your skin.  A quick trial of the buffing brush with some powder found that it held the powder well and applied evenly.
I also bought a new lash and brow comb.  I have got through quite a few of these as I find that gradually the plastic prongs of the comb break off as they hit against other items in my makeup bag.  When I saw that this one had a cover over the comb this was the answer to my brow comb problems.  I then realised that the comb on this brush is actually metal, so no prong snapping for this one (and the cover is probably more for protecting other items from the comb!).
These brushes also have a really good look to them with black rubberised type ends and either metallic look pink, purple or orange bodies which have the Real Techniques logo on one side and the name of the brush on the other.

If you buy the Core Collection, Starter Set for Eyes or Travel Essentials set you also get what is called a Panoramic Case which doubles as a case and a display stand for your brushes.  There is also space in each of these cases for adding other brushes.
I was eager to buy a brush set that came with a case as I wanted to keep my brushes separate to the rest of my makeup.  As the case is open around the edges I am slightly concerned that any brushes that I add may fall out as they won’t have a custom sized elastic slot.   However, overall I am really pleased with my new brushes and think I may be adding a few more additions in the future.

The Little Blog of Beauty x
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