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Collection 2000 Glam Crystals Le Freak

Does anybody know whether this is still Collection 2000 or is it just Collection now? Anyway, I don’t usually tend to buy products from the more budget brands unless I know it’s something I’m only going to use a couple of times.  This is normally the sort of product I would buy if a particular makeup look is required for a show to match a costume for example.

Now I have never been any good at applying eye liner but more recently I have been trying to practice because I usually have to do my own makeup when filming so I have been trying to master this.
I’m not quite sure what is wrong with my camera but it has transformed the colour of this from the emerald green it actually is to blue!

On the Boots website this has pretty much consistent 5 star ratings but unfortunately I can’t see why.  To begin with I found this quite difficult to apply.  As I have said I’m not very good at applying eye liner so maybe it’s just me.

When I applied this I found that the brush kind of spread the liquid out on either side of the brush, which you can see in the swatch above (you can see a line down the middle where I swiped the brush).  Maybe I was applying too much pressure?  I tried again as lightly as I could manage but the same thing happened.  This makes it difficult if you just want a thin line of colour and I found that it ended up forcing some of the liquid onto the base of my eye lashes.

Once I had got this on it did look good and would look great for a night out for some colourful sparkle.
Later I was doing some work on my laptop when I noticed some little specks of green on the paper I was working with. At first I couldn’t work out what it was and then I realised it was coming from my eye liner (which I had completely forgotten I had put on).  I went and checked in the mirror and this had pretty much gone, the majority had flaked off after just a couple of hours.

I also noticed this when I did the swatch on my arm.  I left this there while I got on with other things and noticed that the colour and glitter broke up and started to flake away leaving behind a stain of colour on my arm that stayed until I washed this off.  I didn’t notice this stain left behind on my eye when this flaked away.
So this is my first post where I have talked about an item that unfortunately did not work for me.  However, like I said this has a 5 star rating on the Boots website so it has obviously worked well for others and at just £2.99 this is cheap enough to give it a try yourself.

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