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Gü Hot Chocolate Soufflés - A dressing table accessory?

If you have never heard of GU before this a range of indulgent deserts that include a surprisingly large range of tasty treats.  You can have a sneaky nose round their website here

I don’t usually buy any of their deserts because they are actually pretty expensive but in the run up to Valentines day they had a promotion where a selection of their deserts were half price at £2 (for two in a pack).  So as a little treat I picked up a pack of two hot chocolate souffles.
(Image from the GU website)

These were very nice but I don’t think I would pay full price for them.  However, I did noticed that these come in lovely little glass ramekins and I found myself thinking do people actually just throw these away? (or hopefully at least recycle them because they are glass).  I didn’t want to get rid of them so after carefully washing them out I gave one to my mum to use as a condiment dish and wondered what I could do with mine. 
This is made of clear glass which seems to have just a hint of green to it that the light picks up.  It has a pattern around the bottom of the ramekin made up of lots of little circles and all around the ramekin is what I would describe as a faceted pattern.  If you’re particularly artistic you could get hold of some glass paints and decorate this as you wanted. 

As I’ve mentioned this is only small so you wouldn’t be able to store very much in it but I suddenly realised that this is the perfect size to store a few cotton wool pads or balls in, which would look so pretty on a dressing table.
You could also use this to store hair accessories, jewellery or whatever takes your fancy.
In fact I would say it may even be worth paying full price for the hot chocolate souffles just to get your hands on these lovely little ramekins!

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