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New additions to my Apocalips - Stella, Celestial and Luna

Considering I wasn’t originally planning to try Rimmel’s latest release I am now up to six Apocalips, and the best part is I have only actually paid for one of them!  My boyfriend bought me the first three however last week I added 3 more myself (well I paid for one myself, a friend paid for another and the last one was free on 3 for 2).

Now I know that every blogger and their dog have done a post on Apocalips but I personally think having a wealth of reviews to choose from is good.  I did a post for my first three and want to follow this up with my new additions and my thoughts on these.

So my new additions are Stella, Celestial and Luna.
On my pictures above Stella has come out very orange but this is actually much closer to the swatch shown below.  I would call this a red colour but not a full on glamour red like Big Bang this is a lighter pink/red, it’s quite hard to describe.

Next up is Celestial which is very similar to Nova.  Both are a dusky pink kind of colour but I think Nova is a ‘lighter’ more pink dusky pink where as Celestial is a ‘darker’ more berry dusky pink.
Finally Luna is a nude shade that has a peachy appearance to it.
My least favourite shade of the Apocalips that I have is Luna.  I personally don’t think this shade really does me any favours and kind of washes me out.  I think my complexion looks much better with pink/berry/red shades.

I haven’t actually tried Stella yet but have worn Celestial several times and really like this one, I even got wolf whistled at while wearing Celestial!

The only shades I do not have are Galaxy and Eclipse but I’m not keen on the look of these ones and I think I have enough of these now to keep me going now.

The Little Blog of Beauty x
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