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Some random facts about me

As I’m pretty new to blogging I thought I would do one of the currently very popular random facts posts so you can get to know me a bit better.

So here we go!

1. I have double jointed thumbs and can bend them both back in the wrong direction from the knuckle.  I can put a picture up but it normally freaks people out!

2. I’m a Parapsychologist and I’m currently just finishing off my PhD in Parapsychology.

3. My eye balls are different shapes after an illness where an infection in my brain squashed my right eye permanently out of shape.

3. I’m 6ft tall.

4 I have deformed little toes, my mum’s theory is I stood up and walked too quickly.

5. I’m a background artist and have done a few music video’s, a couple of films and an online Christmas advert for a certain high-end department store.
6. I have a pretty bad memory, it was quite bad before but the brain infection mentioned above appears to have made it worse.

7. I have coulrophobia, which is a fear of clowns.

8. I also have masklophobia, which is a fear of people wearing masks or dressed in any costume that covers all of them.

9. I have been a dancer for over 20 years in Modern and Latin American.

10. I fell off a horse when I was a teenager and it kicked me (accidentally) when I hit the ground, it was only a small wound but the hoof hit the bone.

11. I’m slightly addicted to playing Bejeweled Blitz and recently scored 1,061,550.

12. I’ve managed to buy two cars that apparently were both originally made with a faulty part.  In both cases if said part had broken while on the motorway it’s highly likely I would have crashed.

13. I have danced at the Royal Albert Hall, Her Majesty’s Theatre and Disneyland Paris.

14. I was born on the summer solstice, which according to my boyfriend makes me a witch.

15. I was born the same day as Prince William.

16. I tore a muscle behind my knee rehearsing for a show.  Despite hardly being able to walk I did dance in the show with the injury (it was my 10th anniversary show).

17. I love Meerkats (I took the picture below at Banham Zoo).
18. I have done a Cancan in Paris.

19. I’m not actually very good at applying makeup!

20. I was made redundant in 2010.

21. When I was young I nearly cut the end of my brothers finger off. He used to follow me everywhere and one day when he tried to follow me into the bathroom I told him to go next door into mum’s room.  He did, but put his fingers in the hinge of the door, which I them slammed…(without knowing his fingers were there obviously)

22. After losing my job I has a crisis of image, my hair was half way down my back and naturally blonde and I had it cut to shoulder length and dyed it dark brown.
23. I like all kinds of music but am a bit of a rock fan. 30 Seconds to Mars, Linkin Park, Green Day and Evanescence are some of my favourites.

24. One of my favourite films is Moulin Rouge.

25. I am a crisp addict and used to eat a couple of bags a day. I no longer eat them daily but do still have them quite often (she says while eating a bag of crisps).

I hope you have enjoyed my random facts.  Please feel free to ask me any questions.

The Little Blog of Beauty x
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