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Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation in Ivory

Revlon are currently running a competition on their Facebook page where you can win your chosen shade of their brand new Nearly Naked foundation and one of 1000 limited edition Jason Brooks prints.  One print has been created for each shade available.  Every three days a new print is released and you can enter once in each three day period.  The next print will be released on Friday 22nd March here.
I was slightly confused when I received a tube shaped parcel through the post but after opening this I discovered it contained the print for the shade nude and my chosen foundation shade of Ivory arrived separately.
This comes in a quite petite glass bottle that contains 30ml of foundation.  It contains SPF 20 and is broad spectrum so this also protects against UVA.

I really like the bottle because it’s sleek and simple and doesn’t take up too much room in your makeup bag.  The thing I am not so keen on however is that this doesn’t come with a pump.  The liquid is runny enough to pour out quite easily but then stopping it is not necessarily as easy and it’s likely you may end up waisting some if you pour too much out.  I find it really difficult to just pour out a small amount.  There is also the possibility that you may knock this over when the lid isn’t on and lets not even go there with the amount of mess that could make!

I am assuming as this is ‘nearly naked’ it sits within light to medium coverage.  This is not ideal for me as I am blessed with all the things you don’t really want; redness, dark circles and acne scaring.  So this can often take some covering.
I apologise for the technical term used above.  I really couldn’t think think of another word to use and it didn’t feel like a swatch so I went for blobbed as it kind of blobs out of the bottle!  Although you can’t see anything I have blended some of the foundation above where it says blended, it kind of completely disappeared into my skin.  In terms of the shade, I think this was quite a good match for me.

I applied this with my Real Techniques Buffing brush, which is my preferred method for liquid foundation, and I have to say I’m not really keen on this.  It didn’t manage to cover my blemishes very well and I don’t think my skin was very keen on it as it just kind of sat on top of my skin and didn’t look very naked. 

Although I didn’t have this on for very long (around five hours) I found that after a couple of hours it was already starting to look quite patchy and rather strangely appeared to be sliding down my eyelids.

I think if you are looking for just a light foundation if you are lucky enough to be blessed with pretty good skin then this may be one for you to try.  Thank you so much to Revlon for my limited edition print but unfortunately I don’t think this foundation is for me.

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