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Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker - Punch Bowl

Today’s review is unfortunately not a very positive one.

I wanted to give Soap & Glory’s Sexy Mother Pucker a try but was unsure about paying £10 for this for a couple of reasons.  The first being that I was unsure about the ‘tingling’ sensation as this didn’t sound very pleasant and also I think my lips are quite ‘full’ anyway so I didn’t really want to end up with something resembling a trout pout if this did work!

When I saw this on a blog sale I thought it was a good opportunity to try it for cheaper.
On Friday I went round to a friend’s house for the evening and before heading out I thought I’d pop this on to give it a try.  When I took the applicator out of the tube I noticed it has quite a strong smell to it which I think may be marzipan?  Now I don’t mind the smell of marzipan, but I can’t stand the taste.  Marzipan is one of the only things that I will have to spit out (depending where I am obviously, in polite company plan b is just swallowing it as quickly as possible without choking!) if I didn’t realise it was inside a chocolate for example.  I didn’t notice if this also tasted of marzipan, but this may have been because I was distracted by other factors.

I tried to apply this to my lips and found this is really not very easy to do.  It was very sticky and dragged quite badly on my lips.  I think you can see on the applicator that this is very sticky because the gloss has just kind of blobbed on the end rather than being spread across the head of the applicator.  When I did manage to get some of this across my lips I found that it was also very sticky to wear and if I opened my mouth my lips had to peel apart where they were stuck together.

Straight away I realised I wasn’t going to like the stickiness (trying to talk to my friend would have been interesting!) so I tried to wipe it off with a tissue.  Even though I wiped the majority of this off some still stayed in place and my lips remained sticky for quite a while after this.

Then despite having wiped most of this off the tingling started.  This wasn’t too uncomfortable but was slightly annoying as I had now removed the majority of the gloss.

I wish there was something good I could say about this unfortunately there just wasn’t any good points for me and I’m relieved I didn’t pay £10 to try this.

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