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Purity Organic Skincare - Conditioning Cleansing Lotion & Facial Wash

Please note these products are a PR sample which I have been sent to review. However what follows is my honest opinion.

I suffer with sensitive skin and particularly redness across my cheeks. I’m always looking out for miracle products that may help me to cover this effectively, or even better reduce it so I’m not forced to have to try and cover it.

When Purity asked if anybody would like to try their cleansing lotion and facial wash, which are both for sensitive skin, I said I would love to give them a try.
Conditioning Cleansing Lotion
‘An effective skin conditioning cleanser with a blend of coconut based ingredients & avocado oil to breakdown & remove the day’s make-up & grime. Oats, Amino acids & aloe help to retain moisture combined with euphrasia & rose flower water to leave the skin soft, toned & conditioned.’

I actually use cleansing lotion to remove all of my makeup. I’m not sure why but it’s what I have done for years now, in fact I don’t really remember ever using actual makeup remover. This may be because my mum uses baby lotion to remove her makeup and obviously we learn a lot about skincare and makeup from watching our mum’s as we grow up.

I love the mascara I currently use but when it comes to removing it this can be a bit of a pain. The last cleansing lotion I used did manage to remove most of this (although I would often wake up with panda eyes) but I found that my eyes would become sore and a little red and sting afterwards. With the Purity cleanser I found that it removed my mascara all of my mascara but also did not leave me with sore stingy eyes.

I also find with other cleansers that once I have removed my makeup, even if I try to tissue off any excess, my skin stays kind of shiny, like the cleanser is still sitting on my skin (I don’t tend to tone afterwards when I have dry sensitive skin).  I was pleased to find that the Purity cleanser sank in and didn’t leave me with any shininess, just soft clean skin.

Facial Wash
‘A blend of sweet almond oil & aloe vera in a plant/sugar based foam to cleanse, soothe & protect your skin.’

I found the Purity facial wash very runny, but this isn’t really a problem unless you accidentally let it slip through your fingers. It’s also a slightly unusual colour that looks like apple juice but this is due to the high natural content and it does say on the bottle that colours may change and vary over time.
Every evening before going to bed I use some kind of facial wash/cleanser/scrub to make sure I have removed all of my makeup and that my face is nice and clean.  However, particularly in the winter when my skin is already dry I find that washing my face strips any moisture I do have and leaves my skin feeling really dry and rough.  The Purity facial wash was really gentle and foamed lightly on my skin.  But the best bit for me is that it minimally dried out my skin, if at all, probably depending on how dry my skin was beforehand.

Final thoughts
I have been using both products together for a good few weeks now and I have enjoyed using them.  The condition of my skin changes pretty much day to day based on the weather and other factors but in general I think I have seen an improvement in the appearance of my redness
One thing that I am not keen on with both products though is the packaging (I tried to take a picture of the opening of the pots but my camera didn’t want to focus on it at all). The packaging consists of a large button that you push down and the other half of the lid pops up to reveal the opening that the product comes out of. This would be fine if you’re storing the products on your bathroom shelf but if you travel I’m concerned that it would be far to easy for something to knock the button down. When I did take the products away with me I wrapped them in a plastic bag and tried to store them upright, but this is not always easy or ideal.

Purity Conditioning Cleansing Lotion and Facial Wash are available from Holland & Barrett for £5.29 each or are available direct from the Purity website for the slightly cheaper price of £4.99 each.   

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