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Hair removal methods - Does home laser hair removal work?

Spring is finally in the air did finally make a very brief appearance and now we’re all starting to think about hoping that at some point we will be able to get our legs out. I’ve noticed a few posts popping up recently about hair removal, so I thought I would do a post about my hair removal issues and a review of my home laser hair removal system.

Hair removal is the bane of my life, as I’m sure it is for many other women. I have tried pretty much every method available and unfortunately none of them are ideal for me.

Wet shave
Wet shaving is obviously quick and easy but the down sides are cutting yourself (ouch) and that within a couple of days, or by the following day, you have stubble. I also have the additional problem that I get shaving rash. This doesn’t look great, usually itches like crazy and takes days to go down again. I can shave the other way with the hair growth rather than against it but I often still get some rash and the shave isn’t as close.

Dry shave
This is the method I go for. Using an electric razor I don’t get a shaving rash but I find this not quite as close a shave as wet shaving and obviously it grows back quickly.

Hair removal cream
Hair removal cream can be pretty messy to use, smells pretty bad and in general I find it pretty useless.  I believe creams are supposed to keep you smoother for longer but I don’t personally find them any better than shaving.  This may be because even though I usually leave them on as long as the maximum time you’re allowed to they don’t appear to dissolve the hair right down to my skin and I’m often still left with stubble.  Hair removal creams also usually give me a rash.

I have never been to a salon for waxing but I did try waxing my legs myself at home not so long ago. I didn’t actually find this that painful but I was quite disturbed by how red and blotchy my legs were afterwards.  When this did settle down I was also left with a rash that took several days to go down. It’s likely that I didn’t make a very good job of doing it myself so I would consider trying going to a salon in the future.

Sugaring is a method that I only discovered recently and really wanted to give a try.  It’s similar to waxing but involves using a paste made from water, sugar and lemon, either on it’s own or using strips of cloth.  The difference between waxing and sugaring is that waxing involves removing hair against the direction of hair growth whereas sugaring removes the hair in the same direction as hair growth. This is a more gentle way of removing the hair and better for sensitive skin.

The problem with sugaring is that very few salons offer this as a treatment. You can buy kits to do this yourself, or even make a sugaring paste yourself, but I tried using an at home kit and it’s really difficult and messy.  I would love to give this a try if I could find a salon reasonably close to me that offers it.

Laser hair removal
I have always wanted to give laser hair removal a try but a course of treatment in a salon is pretty costly.  When I first saw that laser hair removal systems to use at home were coming out I knew I wanted to try one, but even these cost a small fortune.  When I was made redundant and I finally received my redundancy payout my boyfriend convinced me to treat myself and buy one.

I decided to go for the Boots Smooth Skin Permanent Hair Reduction system. This cost me £278 (ouch) but it was on offer reduced from £328 (even bigger ouch).  If you decide that you want to buy one of these systems you also have to bare in mind that the heads (the bit that actually does the ‘lasering’) do not last forever and after so many ‘flashes’ they have to be replaced. I don’t know how much they are but I would imagine they’re not cheap.


Although it’s quite an easy process its certainly not quick.  Doing your underarms or bikini line doesn’t take too long but when it comes to your legs this takes ages, especially if you have long legs like me! I can’t remember exactly how long it used to take me to do my legs, but it was at least an hour to do both.

In general the process doesn’t hurt, but it may hurt on more sensitive areas or over bone where there’s less flesh, such as around your ankles. I’ve seen it described in reviews as like an elastic band being flicked on your skin, which I think is quite a good description. It’s kind of like a quick stinging sensation which can be a bit of a shock.

So, has this worked miracles and am I now as smooth as a babies bum? The quick answer is, no.  However, I can see that it has had some effect.  It’s quite hard to see under your own arms but I wouldn’t say there has been much of an improvement in that area.  With regard to my bikini line I would say that yes some hair appears to have disappeared, but it’s far from all gone.  I also found that when I stopped using this it stayed the same for a while and then slowly some of the hair started growing back again.  With regard to my legs, I can see several bald patches and these have stayed like this, the hair hasn’t grown back again.  But my legs are certainly far from hair free.

I did persevere with this for several months but in the end I stopped because I’m not sure whether there is any risk involved with prolonged use. You do have to cover any freckles you have with white eyeliner (which is a bit of a pain for someone like me who is not short of freckles ) and you are not supposed to use this at all where you have a mole.

If you’re lucky enough to have £300 lying around then I would say give one a try but if you haven’t really got the money for something this expensive they I would say it’s not really worth it.

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