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MAC Lipstick - Impassioned

As it was my birthday last Friday I decided to treat myself to my first MAC lipstick and I think I’ve fallen in love with it.  Ok so actually this isn’t my first MAC lipstick it’s my second, but I don’t really count the first one because I wasn’t keen on it.  I originally bought Please Me but wasn’t keen on the combination of a matte formula with a very subtle colour.  I’m all about the bright lips over here right now!  I also already have a (much cheaper) lipstick which is a very similar colour, so I sold this on and put the money towards a new lipstick in a brighter shade.

I’ve been keeping an eye on reviews of different shades to try and help narrow down my possibilities out of the zillions of shades MAC offer, and I decided to go for Impassioned.


If you’re a regular blog reader you’ve probably read hundreds of reviews of MAC lipsticks and know exactly what the packaging is like but this is my first review of one so please allow me a few sentences to gush!

I love the simple sleek black packaging of both the box and the lipstick itself.  You can feel the quality in the packaging of the lipstick, the twist up and down is really sturdy, it doesn’t feel loose at all like some lipsticks I have, and the little click when you put the lid back on is very satisfying.


I know I’ve been a bad blogger and did use this before taking pictures.  I was staying at my boyfriend’s house where there’s nowhere to take pictures and I just couldn’t resist using it as soon as I got it.  They look so perfect when brand new, but we don’t buy lipsticks just to look at how pretty they are do we!
Impassioned is an amplified creme formula which means it’s creamy, highly pigmented and leaves a glossy finish.  MAC describe this shade as an amped-up fuchsia which I think is quite a good description.

I love this shade and it’s the perfect colour for me at the moment.  I personally don’t like nude or neutral shades, I can’t see the point in applying a lip colour that you basically can’t really see.  I much prefer brighter shades and shades that warm up my complexion a bit.  This may change over time though as I only really discovered the joys of lipstick at the beginning of this year, so I may just be going through the lipstick equivalent of a teenage rebellion!

This is really easy to apply, glides smoothly across your lips with no drag at all and provides a really pigmented colour in just one sweep.  I find that after I’ve applied this it settles just slightly (it gets slightly lighter if you understand what I mean) so I usually apply another sweep over the top.  This doesn’t settle into the lines of my lips and only slightly clings to any dry patches (scrub those pesky flakes off beforehand just to be sure).  I have poor natural lip definition but if I apply this carefully there’s no need for lip liner (I’ve actually never used a lip liner!) and it doesn’t bleed.

Amplified creme is not the longest lasting of MAC’s lipstick formulas.  I’ve found that this lasts maybe 2-3 hours but it leaves behind a stain of colour that still looks really good and stays in place until I remove it.
I love everything about this lipstick and it’s now my new favourite!

MAC lipstick in Impassioned is £14 and is available from the MAC website and MAC concessions (if you’re lucky enough to have one near you).

Becky x
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