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Glamour Magazine & Balance Me

I’m sure you’re all aware by now that August’s issue of Glamour has been released this week and that each magazine includes a free gift of one of four mini Balance Me products.

I’ve only tried a couple of Balance Me products but of the ones I’ve tried I’ve loved them so I knew I wanted to try and pick up one of each if possible.  Knowing that some of Balance Me’s products contain lavender I checked the ingredients beforehand and found that one did contain lavender, so that narrowed it down to three products.

In my experience, if a magazine offers more than type of free gift with the same issue I’ll usually have to visit different shops if I want to pick up more than one copy with different gifts on.  However, last Friday I was shopping in Sainsburys with my mum when I noticed this issue was already on the shelves (3 days early!) AND I managed to get three issues with the different products I wanted!  Even better as it was mum who was doing the shopping she paid for them as well (aren’t mum’s amazing!).


So I picked up the Moisture-Rich Face Cream, Pure Skin Face Wash and the limited edition Shine on Tinted Lip Salve.  The face cream and face wash will go to the back of a backlogue of those types of products waiting to be used so reviews for these won’t come for a while.  However, I already have a few hundred around 10 different lip balms on the go so I will start the lip salve and a review will follow shortly.

Have you picked up August’s Glamour Magazine and what gift(s) did you get?

Becky x
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