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MAC Lipstick - Lickable

About a month ago I posted about my first MAC lipstick, which I treated myself to for my birthday (post here).  I received a little bit of birthday money from my in-laws so I thought I’d push the boat out and treat myself to another MAC lipstick that I’ve had my eye on for a while, which was Lickable.

Lickable comes in a cremesheen finish, which is very similar to the amplified creme finish (amplified creme's are creamy, pigmented and glossy) but cremesheen is not quite as pigmented and also not quite as glossy.  Although this is not as pigmented as an amplified creme it still has some pretty good pigmentation to it!  MAC describe this shade as a bright clean blue pink, which I would say is pretty accurate.

I'm not as keen on this shade, Impassioned would be my favourite out of the two, but I do still really like it.  This one does cling to dry patches slightly, but using a lip scrub beforehand can sort this out.  This lasts about the same as Impassioned, around 2-3 hours, but also leaves behind a stain that means you can get away with leaving it a bit longer before you have to reapply.

Overall I'm really pleased with with my first two MAC lipsticks and am definitely lusting after some more shades, it's just a shame they've now put them up to £15 each.  I just managed to get both of mine at £14 before that sneaky little price increase crept in while they thought nobody was looking!

Becky x

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  1. what a lovely shade! sorry that you're not so into it. maybe it can be returned?

    A Beautiful Zen

    1. Oh I do like it but out of the two MAC lipsticks I have Impassioned would be my favourite :) x

  2. Ooooh nice colour! Fab choice!

    1. Thank you! It's difficult to choose MAC shades because there are so many to choose from! x


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