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My nail varnish collection - the black & blues

So far I've looked at the pinks, reds and purples in my collection, now it's time to take a look at the colours that I don't quite have as many of.

To be honest I was quite surprised to find so many blacks and blues as I'm really not keen on nail varnishes in these colours.  What I appear to have discovered while doing these posts is that I don't actually know my collection very well, so it's a good job we're getting better acquainted! 

Nail Inc - Bermondsey

This came as part of the Bling it on denim and studs set which I won in a competition on the Look Fantastic website.  This was only available in this set but you can now buy this as just a nail varnish on its own.  This is very similar to OPI's liquid sand effect.  Due to the effect you can't wear a top coat over this which unfortunately means this lasts no time at all.  When I tried this out for my review I'd only had this on for maybe a couple of hours and a large chuck chipped off my thumb nail.  I would possibly wear this to go out somewhere if I wanted something a bit different but I wouldn't use this if I wanted my nail varnish to last for any amount of time.

OPI - Get Your Number

Talking of OPI's liquid sand, this is one of them!  The liquid sand shades do actually last longer than Bermondsey and if I remember correctly they actually last quite well.  Although I'm not a fan of blues I quite like this one because it's a lighter shade and a bit unusual.

Essie - No More Film 

Earlier this year I won a blog competition where the prize was an Essie nail varnish shade of your choice.  I was very new to Essie at the time and didn't really know any of their shades so I took to the Debenhams website and picked what I thought looked like a pretty purple colour.  When it arrived I was disappointed to find that as far as I can see it's a navy blue shade, which is a nice enough colour but I don't tend to use really dark nail varnish shades unless they're a dark red/plum/burgundy colour.  I find many swatches on websites are not very good so I now make sure I check out pictures on Google or Pinterest for a better idea of what the shade may actually look like.

Barry M - Navy

If you've read my previous collection posts you'll know I inherited a number of Barry M nail varnishes and this is another one of them.  This is another navy blue shade but is much lighter than No More Film.  

Nails Inc - Motcomb Street

This is another one of my Nails Inc shades that came courtesy of being free with Glamour magazine.  This is a dark navy blue shade that is virtually black but you can just see at the bottom of the nail wheel swatch that it is a navy blue.  I'm not really sure why I got this one; yes it was an £11 nail varnish free with a £2 magazine but as I've said I don't really like dark nail varnish shades.  I guess I got carried away in the whole it being free thing!

W7 - I Don't Know

This came as part of a prize package from a blog giveaway and to be honest I don't really know anything at all about W7 at all, I'm not even sure where you can buy these from.  I actually quite like this one as although it's black it has a nice silver shimmer running through it which really lightens it up and I can see me wearing this in winter. 

Bad Apple - Bad Bad*

This came from the goody bag I received when I went to see The Lady Boys of Bangkok as a blogger.  This one is a pure black and is the only one I have so I use this for nail art as a base.

Rimmel Precious Stones - Diamond Dust         

This is one my boyfriend bought me for Christmas.  This is a glitter nail varnish which I don't think is actually quite black, more of a light black or grey but this also contains white holographic glitter that gives it the sparkling diamond type effect.  I really like this, but unfortunately it's a glitter varnish so I don't use it very often as it's a nightmare to get off again.   

OPI - Stay The Night

This is a quite an unusual one because it's a liquid sand and also black but with red glitter in it.  I do like this but it kind of makes me think of molten lava!

So those are my blacks and blues.  What do you think of black and blue nail varnishes?

Becky x
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  1. I like the denim colors and I think black looks beautiful but I don't really see myself wearing it!

    1. I'm a big fan of black in terms of clothes, shoes etc, I'm just not really a fan of it on my nails x

  2. The navy colour by Barry M is gorgeous! Definitely think I'll be buying that soon :D Your blog looks great xx

    1. Thank you! Yes I may actually have to start using that one x


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