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Ciate Corrupted Neon manicure kit - Megaphone

I recently won a blog competition over on The Black Pearl Blog and the prize was one of Ciate's Corrupted Neon manicure kits in Megaphone.

The kit includes a standard sized nail varnish in Big Yellow Taxi, a mini UV top coat and a bottle of neon glitter called Megaphone.  The glitter is so pretty and looks just like sherbet, like it should have come with a licorice stick to dip in it!

This set is really quite simple use.  You start with a base coat (if you want to obviously, you don't have to use a base coat) and then apply two coats of Big Yellow Taxi.  While the varnish is still wet you then sprinkle the glitter gently over the nail to create a full coverage glitter effect.  You then apply the UV top coat over the top of the glitter and also on any nails that you haven't applied glitter to.  Your manicure is then complete.  

I'm personally not a fan of yellow nail varnish and unfortunately the colour looked awful against my skin. However the glitter effect is really pretty and this did actually look nice on my nails.  The picture above I had to take on my phone (my camera wouldn't capture the colour) but the colour is still not quite right, it's slightly lighter and brighter than shown, more of a sunshine yellow.

The main issue I have with this kit is the use of glitter.  Having previously been a dancer and having worn glittery costumes and been around over enthusiastic teens using glittery makeup I'm fully aware that one day glitter will actually take over the world!  I tried to be as neat as I possibly could, using one of the plastic trays from the packaging to catch any fallout as I sprinkled this over my nail and tapped it back into the pot.  I didn't realise how much mess this had made though until I used a UV torch to check the UV effect.  The glitter also reacts to UV on it own and although I couldn't see it in normal light, shining the torch around revealed that there was glitter EVERYWHERE!  It was all over my hand, over my bed and all over the floor.  Like I said though you can only really see the true extent of the mess with UV light.

It's also worth commenting on the packaging that this comes in as it's really cool, I did a little squeak when I pulled it out of the envelope.  The front of the box has a lenticular which shows two different images depending on how you hold it or what angle you view it from, as I've shown below.

Although I'm not personally a fan of the colour, or the use of glitter, this is a really nice set and I would definitely consider getting one in another colour (and employing the use of bin bags or similar to try and halt the world domination of glitter!). 

The Ciate Corrupted Neon manicure kits cost £18.00 each.

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  1. wow this is so cool! I really need to try this!

    Thanks for dropping me your link on twitter!


    Grace x

    Hope you can check out my blog too:

    1. The glitter does look really nice, it's just very messy! x

  2. I don't really suit yellow either but I love the effect! Would be interested in looking into other shades x

    1. I'd like to try the pink one, it looks really pretty x

  3. ooh! I love this!
    I've been looking for a yellow varnish in a nice bright shade - The ones i've tried are always a bit weak, this looks like a good coverage with two coats.
    Especially fun with the glitter, I'll add it to my list of things to buy.

    1. It is a lovely colour, it just doesn't suit my skintone :( x


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