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L.A. Colors Artdeco Nail Art Lacquers

While waiting in the chemist for a prescription I spotted a cosmetics display stand for a brand called L.A. Colors.  Having never heard of them before I went over to have a look and some nail art lacquers caught my eye.  After searching around the display for prices I finally found a piece of paper taped to the top of the display saying 'only £1'.  I really wanted to know how thin the brushes were (I'm currently on the look out for nail art pens/varnishes with really thin nibs/brushes) but as they were just £1 each I bought Blue Glitter and Teal Glitter to give them a try.

The one on the left is actually green but my camera likes to change green's to blue

The first disappointment I experienced was when I opened the teal glitter and discovered this for a brush!  I don't know whether they caught it when putting it in the bottle or whether the poor little thing was made deformed but it's completely useless as it's stuck in that position.  

I was also disappointed to find that although the brush in the blue glitter is straight, it's not particularly thin and not really what I was looking for.  The brushes give a line which is about 2mm's thick, which I know doesn't sound very thick but I'm looking or something which provides a really thin line for intricate drawing.  I think if I'd checked the brand's website beforehand I'd have been even more disappointed as the image on the site shows a very thin brush.

Taken from the L.A. Colors website

The glitter is quite densely packed so if you are looking for a thicker line, as long as you get one that doesn't have a deformed brush, then these may be perfect for you.  However, even though they only cost me £1 each, I'm very disappointed.

Becky x 
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  1. Think the saying 'if you pay monkeys you'll get peanuts' is fitting here! Such a shame, they would of been such a bargain if they were any good!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. Yes definitely! I really wasn't expecting much for just £1, but at least a straight brush would have been nice! x

  2. That's odd....maybe it's just the glitter ones that have these problems because I have a Black, Red and Orange one and they are true to colour. And the brush wasn't...dodgy?
    If you did want a thinner brush you could always snip some of it? (Although it is possible to create really thin lines with this brush)

    LFA (lovefromangelic) Xx

    1. Maybe I'm just not very good at using them! x


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