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My reaction to a product - an update

Recently I posted to talk about a bad reaction I had to a product which left me with burned eyelids (you can find the post here).  I thought I would do an update to this post to let you know what happened/what I discovered after this. 

The only reason I have the products I'm going to be talking about is because I was one of 5 Valentines day competition winners on the Philosophy website and I won something like £110 worth of products.  I've never actually bought anything from them myself as I think their products are quite expensive.  I did consider buying one of their bath/shower gel products in the Boots sale after Christmas, but for some reason I just didn't get one.

So as you will know if you've read my previous post I believe the product that burned my eyelids was the Philosophy Purity cleanser.  I also received the Hope in a jar moisturiser but I gave this to my mum to use as it contains lavender, which I'm allergic to.  Although my reaction happened when I was staying at my boyfriend's house I showed my mum my dry flaky post burn eyelids when I got home and told her I thought it was the cleanser.  She then told me that actually she'd noticed that when using the moisturiser, even though she didn't apply it near her eyes, her eyes would often sting while using it.  After finding out about my reaction she decided to throw it away rather than risk using it anymore.

I decided it was time to pull out the other products I won to see what they were and dispose of them.  When I wrote my first post I mentioned Holly Arabella who had recently also posted about a problem with one of Philosophy's products.  Holly's skin had become really dry and irritated and she noticed that it improved again as soon as she stopped using one of Philosophy's shampoo/bath/shower gels.  On checking the ingredients Holly discovered that the second ingredient in this was Sodium Laureth Sulphate, also known as SLS.  I don't know much about this ingredient (although I do know it's best to try and avoid it) but from Holly I've learnt that this is a cheap emulsifier and detergent.  The back of the bottle also included a warning that prolonged or excessive use may cause irritation to the skin and urinary tract.

So the first product I pull out I discover is one of the shampoo/bath/shower gels complete with SLS in the ingredients and the warning on the back.  Now, I do always check ingredients in case there's lavender in the product but before reading Holly's post I wouldn't have realised that Sodium Laureth Sulphate was SLS and I'm not sure that I would have read the warning either, so I probably would have just started using this.  I'm very glad I didn't though.  My skin is dry and sensitive and prone to eczema so this is really not a product I would want to be using.  The urinary tract warning also really scares me.  I've always been prone to bladder/urine infections and had loads when I was younger.  I hadn't suffered for years but then this year I've had two really bad infections that have resulted in (sorry for the details) weeing blood, a nasty stinging pain when I did go to the toilet and stabbing pains in my abdomen.  So there's absolutely no way I would use a product that may contribute to me having to go through another one of these infections. 

Another product I received was the Hope in a tube eye and lip firming cream.  A quick read of the box found no scary warning and no SLS in the ingredients but what I did find sitting as the 4th ingredient was mineral oil.  Now I'm not necessarily opposed to mineral oil, I recently discovered that my favourite body lotion contains this and it works well for me.  I do know that many people don't like mineral oil though and avoid it in products.  Although I may be okay with the mineral oil, I'm not going to try this product in case I have another reaction.

It's not all bad news though!  I also received the Kiss me tonight lip therapy and I've had no problem at all with this and really like it.  There's no warning accompanying this product and no SLS or mineral oil.  So I will continue to use this product.

By writing this post I'm not trying to convince you to stop using Philosophy's products or not to try any of them, that's completely up to you, I just wanted to talk about my experience so other people are aware.  I have to say I'm disappointed that a brand that charges so much for it's product uses such cheap ingredients that may actually cause you harm.

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  1. It's weird - I find that SLSs in some products (shampoos mostly) really upset my skin but then with most shower gels I'm fine with it in! Hope your eyelids are okay now x

  2. I'm shocked that such high end products have potentially dangerous ingredients in! xx

    1. It's really bad isn't it, I might expect it from a cheap product, but not from a brand like Philosophy x


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