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The Clothes Show Live 2013 - Part 2 (beauty)

Although the name would suggest that The Clothes Show is at least mostly fashion they do also have a large beauty hall packed with various different skincare and makeup brands.  The brands change slightly year to year but there are a few brands that you're likely to find there every year, including Rimmel and Models Own.  Some of the beauty stalls just offer a range of the brands products to purchase but some also offer treatments, makeovers and extremely good value goody bags.  

This year I think the award for the prettiest stall definitely has to go to Bomb Cosmetics.

Apologies for the cans of Diet Coke ruining the picture, they were handing them out for free and they were dumped everywhere.  I've never actually tried anything from Bomb cosmetics myself and I would have loved to have got some bits to try but it was busy, making it difficult to look at the products, and by then my body was telling me it was time to go home!  

One of the best beauty offers of the day was definitely from nail brand Ciate.  I'm sure you've seen the Mini Manicure Month advent calender that was selling for something like £40 in the run up to December.  Well guess how much I paid for it at TCS.....£10!  I wouldn't have paid the full price for it as I'm very picky about my nail varnish shades, but for £10 it was an absolute bargain.  When I visited the stall they were also offering any of their manicure sets for £5 each so I picked up the pink Corrupted Neon manicure kit.  Later when I wandered past again the offer had got even better and they were offering any three manicure sets for £5!

Brands offering goody bags included Rimmel, Barry M, Jelly Pong Pong, So Susan and Models Own.  When I headed over to Rimmel's stand later on in the day they'd sold out so I don't know what was available in their bag.  For £10 Models Own were offering your choice of three nail varnishes and a goody bag including a special edition nail varnish and various other products.  On the last day the offer had been increased to five nail varnish shades of your choice and the goody bag.  If I remember correctly Barry M were also offering a goody bag for £10 including three or four nail varnishes and other products but there was no choice over the shades.  Jelly Pong Pong and So Susan were offering goody bags with four items in for £10 each.  I didn't actually get any of the goody bags this year, either because I'd bought the same one the year before or I wasn't that keen on some of the products included.

Elemis were also there with their rather impressive looking spa bus.  They had a small stall just outside the bus selling some of their products but if you headed inside the bus they had more of their products available and you could also indulge in some treatments. 

A common method of promoting your brand at TCS show appears to be using some method of transport!  Rimmel had their retro scooter, Benefit had a specially decorated car that I believe was a Citroen and Carmex had their American cab.  Oh and obviously Elemis had their bus!

Other brands there included bareMinerals, Leighton Denny, Clarins and a brand I've personally never heard of before called Mint London.  Even if you're more of a beauty fan then a fashion fan it may still be worth making a trip to TCS as I think the fashion show on its own is worth the entrance fee and the bargains you can pick up are an added bonus.

Will you be going to The Clothes Show Live next year?
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  1. The Bomb stands and displays look so pretty and inviting! They really did a great job :) I hope you have a lovely Christmas! <3 xxx

    1. They did do a great job, it looked really good. Thanks hun, hope you have a lovely Christmas too xx

  2. This sounds amazing, I must find a way to go next year :)

    Danniella x |

    1. You should definitely go at least once :) x


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