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As seen in - 5 Angels 'Kiss and tell'

Yesterday one of two video's I've been waiting for was finally released.  I didn't actually apply for a role in this video as the casting was looking for people in their teens to early 20's and although my 'playing age' is younger than my actual age, it's not that young.  However one day I received a message from the owner of my agency saying the director had been through the books and had asked if I would go and play a waitress for the video. So I said yes and headed off to make a video for a teenage Czech girl group.

I've never actually heard of the group before but I believe some Union J fans may be aware of them as they've been supporting them on tour.  The video was shot in an American diner in West London called Starvin Marvin's.  There wasn't an awful lot of room so most of the time the crew were squidged in behind the camera or were hiding in some of the booths further back in shots so they couldn't be seen. 

There was no face shots for me this time but there are several back shots (it's a running joke now that my back is a lot more famous than my front!).  It decided to start raining that that day and was freezing cold, which wouldn't have been too bad as we were inside, but just off to my right in the shot below there was a door that was open for crew coming in and out, so it's safe to say I was frozen. 

One shot involved me removing some plates from the girls table.  The director asked me not to just turn and walk away but to swing round towards the camera and then walk away, which I'm just about to do in the shot above. Unfortunately though this results in a close up boob shot due to where the camera is positioned!

If you're a fan of cheesy European pop, like the sort of thing you might find in Eurovision but maybe not quite as crazy, then this might be for you.  If not, you might not want to hear this one as it gets in your head and stays there, whether you want it to or not!  But if you would like to see it, the video is below.

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