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MUA LUXE Velvet lip lacquer in Reckless

I'd previously decided not to buy any more MUA products due to the way the brand conduct themselves on social media and treat their customers, but when I saw that they were releasing some dupes for Lime Crimes' Velvetines I knew I'd have trouble resisting giving one a try.  

For a while it was easy to resist them as it appears that most stores don't stock the MUA luxe range yet and I didn't want to pay postage charges to get my hands on one.  However when my boyfriend and I went to visit his parents a few weeks back he took me in their local Superdrug, and although as usual the display was virtually empty they did stock the luxe range and there was a couple there.  I was still trying to decide if I wanted to try one but my boyfriend spotted me staring at them so he grabbed one and marched off to the tills!  

Another reason why I was unsure about trying one of these was because although some people have found that these stay put all day and give the Velvetines a run for their money, others have found that they flake off very quickly.  Even though these are only £3 each I thought it was likely that I would probably be a flake off quickly wearer rather than a last all day wearer.

As I said there was only a couple of these there and the only shade options were the orange one and this dark red.  I'm not a fan of the orange one so I went for this, but I didn't realise how dark it actually is, maybe because the frosted tube diffuses the colour slightly. 

When I first applied this I didn't make a particularly good job of it, so it was a good job I wasn't planning on going anywhere!  This is definitely one that you need to apply carefully and try and get right.  It starts off sticky before drying down to a matte finish and unfortunately I found it really was quite sticky and took a while to dry, so it involved walking around with my mouth open for a couple of minutes.  Once dry the stickiness disappears completely and this is set in place.  I found that this didn't transfer if I pressed my finger to my lips or if I had a drink, but I didn't test out the kissability ;)

Although this did feel quite dry on my lips it wasn't too bad considering this is a full on matte product.  I was pleased to see that this didn't flake off quickly but after around three and a half hours that included a treadmill session, a shower and dinner, I found it had disappeared from the inner part of my lips and would most definitely have needed a top up.  I didn't try applying any more so I'm not sure whether this is possible or whether it's very obvious that you've patched it up.  I did wonder whether this may be difficult to remove but a bit of Bioderma on a cotton pad and a few swipes and it was gone, so there's no sore lips from having to scrub this off. 

You've probably seen me mention before that I'm not a fan of matte lip formula's but I really didn't find this too bad.  I don't think I will use this much as I have plenty of other lip products that I would much rather use than this, and also the colour is a little dark for me, but if you're a matte fan I'd say it's worth giving one of these a try for just £3.

Have you tried any of the MUA LUXE Velvet lip lacquers?
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  1. Such pretty colour and I love it is velvety :)

    1. It is a lovely colour, but is maybe just slightly dark for my usually deathly pale skin! x


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