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Dior Addict Fluid Stick in Pandore

I most definitely did a little happy dance in my bedroom when I discovered I'd be picked for a Debenhams Beauty Club VIP panel for Dior's new Fluid Stick.  As as a big lipstick fan I really really wanted to be picked for this one when I applied so I was delighted when I found out I'd get to try out my first Dior makeup product.  When this did finally arrive (Debenhams Beauty Club panel products can be pretty slow getting to you) I was even more excited to find a matching Dior nail varnish in the parcel.  I'll be giving that a try shortly and will report back on that in the near future.  

This really does have beautiful packaging that would look really pretty displayed on a dressing table.  The packaging is slightly deceptive as at first it looks like the product comes in the form of a bullet that you can see through the clear plastic part of the packaging.  However once you remove the lid you discover it's actually in the form of a liquid lipstick/gloss with a fluffy applicator and that it's just the part of the packaging that contains the product that is lipstick bullet shaped.  The good thing about this is that you can instantly see the colour of the product through the packaging.

I was fully expecting to receive some kind of nude shade in case any of the panel members were not comfortable with anything brighter, so when I discovered it was a red, which is much more my kind of shade than any nude, I was very pleasantly surprised.  This is a red (it hasn't photographed very well) but it leans towards an orangery red.

This combines the colour of a lipstick with the shine of a lipgloss and doesn't contain wax but instead contains water, which gives it a light texture similar to L'Oreal's GlamShine stain splash glosses.  This has a very juicy appearance to it and has a lovely light juicy scent to match as well.  When you pull the applicator out of the tube I was surprised to find that there only appeared to be a small blob of product on the top of the applicator but I think it must kind of absorb the product and as soon as you put it to your lips it releases it.

As it has such a light water like formula it applies really smoothly and evenly and with one quick (but careful!) swipe your lips are covered.  Despite the water like feel I have found that this is just very slightly tacky but this didn't bother me at all.  If I remember correctly the L'Oreal stain splashes also have the same slightly sticky feeling.

This is supposed to be a long wear product but as with most very glossy lip products I found that it didn't last that long, maybe two to three hours for me, but as I've pointed out before lip products don't particularly last very long on me.  It does leave a stain behind, but I've found once the gloss appearance wears off it doesn't quite look right and it does fade a little unevenly.  So I would say this is one that you will need to reapply every few hours.

Despite not being very long lasting I really do like this and if I had a spare £26 I would love to try out another shade.  I don't believe these are due to be released for another few weeks yet but there are a few shades available, including Pandore, on the Debenhams website.

Are you a fan of high-end lip products?
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  1. If this was longer lasting I would definitely purchase it but this disappointment puts me.

    1. A lot of lip products don't last very long on me but I was a bit disappointed by how long it lasted for the price x


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