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Battle of the tints - Benefit Benetint & MeMeMe Cherub's Blush

Despite having three cheek and lip tints in my stash I've never actually used one and the reason for that is that I'm scared of trying them out!  Since writing this post I've discovered that I actually have another one, but I'll address that one in another post.  Why have I got three (now four!) when I've never actually used one before?  Well, one was a present from my boyfriend (Benetint), one came in a Glossybox and one was part of a giveaway prize, so I haven't actually bought any myself.  It's easy to see that Cherub's Blush is intended as a dupe of Benetint and as I have one of each (and a spare!) I thought I might as well put them to the test and declared battle of the tints.


Benefit Benetint £24.50
MeMeMe Cherub's Blush £5.50 

At £24.50 Benetint is almost four and a half times more expensive than Cherub's Blush, wow! 


For your £24.50 for Benetint you do get an attractive sturdy box (which is actually quite understated for Benefit) that also includes a cute little booklet that shows you how to use the product (I'm not sure the box and booklet are worth all the extra money though!).  Once you get into the box the packaging of Benetint is very similar to that of Cherub's Blush.  Both come in little glass bottles with screw off lids and come with similar size and shape brushes used to apply the product.  

Amount of product

Benetint contains 12.5ml of product and Cherub's Blush contains just slightly less at 12ml.  For Benetint you're paying £1.96 per ml and Cherub's blush 45p.   


In the bottle both tints looks a very similar colour, a deep red shade like the vinegar you get in a jar of beetroot!  But when applied they're actually quite different colours.  Benetint gives a rosy flush which looks very natural whereas Cherub's Blush provides a more purple looking tint.  I can't help thinking Cherub's Blush looks slightly more 'I've just been punched' rather than 'I'm naturally glowing'!  My boyfriend has just taken a look at my swatches and commented that Cherub's Blush looks like a bruise.  But how this looks on different people may depend on their skin tone.


I find these both actually have quite a similar strong scent to them that I don't personally mind but some people might not like, especially if they have skin that is sensitive to fragranced products.  I can't actually make out what the scent is, maybe like marzipan?   


When I applied Cherub's Blush to my arm for the swatch above I applied three strokes of product, popped the lid back in the bottle and when I went to start blending I found it had already pretty much dried and was difficult to blend out.  If you look at the bottom right of the swatch you can just about still see two of the swipes on my arm.  I didn't even screw the lid back onto the bottle (which was a little risky in my parents all white bathroom) I just moved my hand over to the bottle, placed the lid back on top of the bottle and moved my hand back to my arm.  So you really don't get very long to blend this out before it dries down.  Even though when I applied this to my cheeks I held the bottle up close to my face so my hand didn't have far to go to deposit the applicator, the same still happened to an extent.  This meant where I applied the first swipe (on the apples of my cheeks) it was quite hard to blend out and I think I may have ended up with a slight blob of colour on each cheek (this is why I'm scared of cheek tints!).

When it comes to Benetint you have a lot longer to blend this out, in fact it took quite a while for this to dry on the swatch on my arm.  As I was blending it some of the dark liquid stayed on top of my skin for a good few seconds before it disappeared in. 

I was quite surprised to find that although it was easy to get the colour to show on my arm it was difficult to get it to show on my face.  Obviously I went in with a very light hand to begin with and used less than I'd used on my arm (as I didn't want to end up looking like a clown) and with both Benetint and Cherub's Blush I found the colour kind of disappeared.  So I went in with another light application and built up a very subtle level of colour.

On the lips

Having tried out both of these on my lips I have to say I wouldn't use either as a lip product.  My lips are obviously a lot darker than the skin on the rest of my face and I found that both tint's completely disappeared when applied to my lips, so it appears pointless for me to use it there.  Maybe I'd need to layer it up a lot, but this would use a lot of product for a very subtle effect and to be honest I'd much rather slap a bright lipstick on.

On the cheeks

As I thought I would I found Benetint a much nicer colour to wear on your cheeks as it looks more natural than Cherub's Blush, much more like a natural flush of colourAlthough Chreub's Blush doesn't look bad (it didn't quite look like I'd been slapped) it didn't look quite as natural.

Although I didn't apply a lot of either product (remember I was trying to avoid the whole clown look) I found that both lasted well, which I would expect from a tint.  I think out of the two Benetint probably lasted slightly longer, I could still see a slight flush to my cheeks when I came to remove my makeup.  

The winner

Although Benetint is over four times the price of Cherub's Blush I have to say I think it is actually worth it.  Benetint offers a much more natural colour that is easier to apply.  You need to use less product with Benetint than with Cherub's Blush (you can see how much further Benetint went on my swatch) and you use so little a 12.5ml bottle will last you ages, so although it's pretty expensive I think cost per use and the amount of time this will last will balance this out.  Also I don't think I'll be using Cherub's Blush in the future, but now I've given Benetint a try I think I will actually start to use this as a cheek product.  I therefore declare Benetint the winner *fanfare*.

To celebrate Benetint's victory here a little fact for you (you may well know this already, but a lot of people don't). Benetint was created in 1977 and was originally called Rose Tint.  It was created for an exotic dancer who wanted something to make her nipples more rosy!

Do you use tint's and which is your favourite?

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  1. I haven't used Benetint in so long! It really does give a rosy glow, I just hate it when you aren't quick enough and you are left with stained, stripy cheeks! I might dig my little bottle out and start using it again :)

    Danniella x

    1. I was surprised by how much I liked it actually. I didn't think I would but it wasn't that difficult to use and gives a lovely glowing look x

  2. I've never used a stain before but I've always been intregued by benetint and it looks really nice in your swatch too.
    Definitely sounds better with the drying time, the idea of streaking would scare me off.

    1. I've always been scared of giving it a try but actually it was pretty easy to use and looks so pretty x


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