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Floral and pleats

I don't buy new clothes very often at the moment but I've had some early birthday money (my birthday isn't until the 21st) so I thought I'd buy a few new bits for summer.

 Shirt: Miss Selfridge (here)
Skirt: Asos (sold out, other colours here, here and here)
Hat: Accessorize (old but similar here)

I often see somebody on the street or on TV wearing something that I instantly know that I want.  I saw a girl on Secret Eaters wearing a very similar shirt to this, except hers was black, and I set about trying to find a similar one online.  I hadn't been able to find one but then one day I found myself on the Miss Selfridge website and I came across the Botanical Print Shirt.  This was exactly the sort of thing I was looking for so I ordered it straight away.  You can't tell in the pictures but this is actually sheer, not so much so that you would really need to wear a cami or something underneath, but you can see through it.  I'm happy to just wear a bra underneath and that's how I wore it to the pub quiz recently.  I actually got two compliments from a couple of male friends when I wore it.  However I think it may be possible that 'You look nice' and 'Your tops nice' actually meant 'I can see your bra'!

Obviously I like to have a browse around ASOS and I took a fancy to their Pleated Midi Skirts.  They've got them in several different colours (although I don't think my colour is available anymore) and they're also available in petite and tall.  Despite being tall I actually went for a standard length one because I wanted the berry colour, which wasn't available in tall.  I took a chance, my only requirement being that it was longer than knee length (I'm not a fan of skirts shorter than knee length unless I have tights on) and as you can see it's fine.  I love that ASOS put the height of the model on each item so can judge how long it should be on you.  This is invaluable for me as it stops me wasting my time ordering dresses that won't even cover my knickers!  I don't normally tuck anything into skirts because I have wide and also visibly wonky hips thanks to Scoliosis but the way the shirt naturally hangs over slightly hides this.

Also please ignore the dye that you can just see around my hairline (you hadn't actually noticed had you?).  I don't know what Schwarzkopf have done to their XXL Live Colour dyes, as I never used to have a problem, but now it takes between two and four washes to get it off my head and as hard as I try to be neat, I never am!

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  1. Great choices and a very happy birthday for the 21st!

  2. The skirt looks so nice on you and very classy :) x

    1. Thank you, I get a lot of compliments on this outfit :) x


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