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Meadowhall Ladies Night

Last Thursday I jumped in my car and made my way up to Sheffield for Meadowhall's Ladies Night.  Ladies Night was from 6pm to 9pm but as one of Meadowhall's blogging ambassadors I was invited to head to the bloggers hub for 5pm so we could be treated to some Prosecco (which I couldn't have as I'd be driving), canapés and the chance to meet Amy Childs and ask her a few questions.  This didn't quite go to plan for me, but more about that after some pictures from the evening.

It's about a 50 minute drive for me up to Sheffield (a bit longer at the moment as most of the way up the M1 has a 50 limit due to road works) but despite setting off about 40 minutes earlier than I needed to I ended up 40 minutes late after my journey took two and a quarter hours!  So by the time I got there I'd missed most of the parts set up for the bloggers *sad face* But I did eventually get there and after I finally arrived we all set off to explore.

The first stop we made was at the Polaroid dress, which was a piece of art by Charlotte Armitage and Wayne Sables that took shape through the night.  The dress started off as just a wire frame and then Polaroid snaps of shoppers were gradually added to the frame as they were taken to create a dress. We passed the dress again later in the evening and it looked like it was making quite slow progress (maybe because people aren't keen on having their picture taken!) but I believe by the end of the night it was completed.  I didn't get a picture of the finished dress but I think you may be able to find this on the Meadowhall website or blog.   

Next up we headed over to what I believe was called the beauty circle (or something similar) where various brands had stalls to show some of their products, any offers they had available on the night and some also had competitions to enter or offered quick treatments such as hand massages.  We then decided to check out the guide to see what tutorials or treatments might have been on offer in Debenhams and House of Fraser.  For some reason when we got to House of Fraser it was baking in there so after a few minutes of sweating we made a hasty retreat before our makeup ended up sliding off our faces!  Debenhams was a much more appropriate temperature but we were a little disappointed to find that either there was nobody on a particular counter, they were fully booked for whatever treatments they had on offer or there wasn't enough people around for them to start a tutorial.  This was also the case in the short time that we stopped off in House of Fraser.  A few of us did make some purchases though and I made sure I convinced Lucy to buy a lovely pastel nail varnish in Illamasqua for just £6.75.  What a bargain!  Obviously it was my duty to make sure she bought it!  I think Georgina is still slightly regretting the last time we were in Debenhams together with a group of bloggers as we convinced her to buy a £65 MAC palette.  

We had a final wander round to see what else was going on and stumbled across 'If the shoe fits' which was a Cinderella style competition where you could win some shoes if the box you picked had your size inside.  This had a kind of a Take Me Out feel to it complete with a Paddy McGuinness style presenter but with the single boy being a girl and the single girls being shoes!  None of us had a go as the queue was pretty long and even though I work in front of the camera it was a little too 'look at me' for me.  There was some designer shoes available from brands such as L.K.Bennett, but just as we were walking away someone missed out on a pair of Primark flip flops! 

I think the most random sight of the night was at least three men (I think they were men anyway!) dressed as granny's sat on top of giant shopping trolleys that motored round with music playing.  Yeah, I'm not entirely sure what that was all about either...

Although we were disappointed that we didn't find much going on in Debenhams and House of Fraser we've obviously been able to feedback to Meadowhall what didn't quite work on the night so this can be improved in the future.  It was lovely to see Lucy, Jade, Georgina, Jemma and Bethany again and I'd love if you'd head over and take a little look at their blogs.

Were you at Ladies Night?

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  1. It looks so fab, the polaroid dress is a amazing idea!

    1. I believe the dress was a UK first. It was certainly an unusual idea! x

  2. Haha lovely write up! Couldn't agree with you more, I do love my MAC palette, but I would love £65 even more ;) xx

    1. A group of beauty bloggers together are bad for your pocket! x

  3. Love the pics you girls looked great!

    1. Thanks, although I'm not actually in any of the pictures (apart from the picture of the Polaroid pictures!) x


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