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Mr Nutcase personalised phone case

When an email popped into my inbox asking if I'd like to review one of Mr Nutcase's personalised phone cases it was a definite yes from me. I've had my Samsung S3 mini for quite a while now but I haven't got round to getting a case for it.  I've been using one of my brothers slightly grotty old (phone) socks and to be honest it's been cramping my style!  As well as not being particularly attractive it was also a pain trying to get my phone out of it every time I wanted to use it.

To make your personalised case on the Mr Nutcase website you select your make and model of phone, select the sort of case you want (this is the Ultra lightweight slimline*) and then you're given the options for personalising your case.  You can have just one picture on the case or you can chose from several different collage designs for multiple pictures.  You upload the pictures you want to use and are given the options to add text, clipart and change the background colour.  Once your order is submitted your case is despatched the next day (I assume only if it's a working day) and mine then arrived the following day.

Despite being a fan of taking photos I actually struggled to find a one that I wanted to put on my case.  The one I really wanted to use, that I have on the desktop on my laptop, isn't actually my picture so I couldn't use it and when I tried to access some backup CD's of old photos I found that there was something wrong with them so I couldn't get to the pictures.  In the end I settled on the last picture above of some flowers that I took at Cambridge University while I wandering around bored while my boyfriend was doing something there.

When I first opened the envelope this came in there was a quite strong smell of what I assume may be a material used to make the case, but this is fading and I can only smell it if I actually sniff the case.  My case only covers the back of my phone, so the front won't be protected in anyway, but I do have a screen protector over my screen to protect from scratches.  Although the flowers on the case in the pictures above do look blue they are more of a lilac colour like in the picture I used, but the case has come out darker than the original picture so you need to bear this in mind when choosing the picture(s) you want to use.  If the picture is already dark you may want to consider adjusting the brightness before uploading.

The case is indeed very lightweight and hardly adds any extra 'bulk' to my phone.  It fits in place securely and feels good quality.  Obviously as it's made of a plastic type material it might chip or crack if you did drop it.  The edges are finished off well, there's no slightly raggy looking edges and the cut out sections for the speakers, camera lens, flash and buttons on the side are perfectly positioned so they won't get in the way of anything.   

Overall I'm really impressed with my case and would definitely consider buying one for a present for somebody or another one for myself in the future with a different design.

If you fancy your own personalised case Mr Nutcase have kindly given me an offer code for my readers for 10% off your order, just enter the code THANKU10 at the checkout.  Oh and you also get free standard delivery.

Let me know if you decide to order a case for yourself.

* PR sample
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  1. I love this because it so hard to find ready made cases that done fit a personality! Genius :)


    1. It is a great idea, it's nice to be able to get something that you can make really personal and individual x


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