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Nails Inc goody bag

I mentioned in yesterdays Nails Inc manicure post that I was given a goody bag with a few products in to take away with me.  Here's what was in the bag.

The first product was a Gel effect polish in Porchester Square* (£14).  I felt a little guilty as when I was choosing the shade for my manicure I said I wasn't really a fan of nude shades and when Sarah pulled this one out of the bag she said was regretting the shade she'd chosen.  I did reassure her though that actually this shade looks really pretty and looks like it would make a good neutral base for nail art so I am looking forward to giving this one a try.  The next product was one of their new Floral nail varnishes in Chelsea Embankment Gardens* (£12) which includes large blue and yellow matte daisy shapes and smaller white and pink matte shapes.  Sarah actually chose these two varnishes because the shades complement each other and give a very pretty look.  Finally I was given a Kensington Caviar 45 second top coat (£12) which I have actually used before.  

As I said in my previous post Sarah gave me some tips for the best way to apply these polishes to make them look their best and obviously I want to pass on these tips on to you.

I have to admit that I've only recently discovered that with some nail varnishes you can actually pull the lid off and it leaves behind a much smaller lid for you to hold to apply the varnish, how did I not know this?!  I've never really had a problem applying any nail varnish with the full lid still attached but with a much smaller lid to hold this can only make application even easier and more precise.

In general with nail varnish it's usually best to apply several thin coats of varnish to build up a colour rather than attempting a thick layer as thin layers will dry much more quickly and are more likely to dry to a smooth flat surface.  However the Nails Inc gel varnishes are supposed to be applied in a thick layer.  Sarah advised that it's best to wipe off the excess from one side of the brush but leave the other side fully loaded, as I've shown in the second picture above.  This may take a bit longer to dry but I believe gel varnishes do take longer to dry than standard nail varnishes anyway (someone correct me if I'm wrong?).  I assume this helps with the whole plump effect that gel varnishes are supposed to provide.  

I haven't really tried a varnish like the Floral varnish before but when I've read posts about varnishes that provides similar effects I've noticed that people have commented that you have to 'fish out' certain pieces of glitter to make sure you get some on the nail.  With the Floral varnish this is apparently what you're actually supposed to do.  To begin with you use the brush to grab a flower and place this on the nail where you want it. It can be a bit fiddly, but doesn't usually take long to find one.  If you have shorter nails it will look best with just one flower but if your nails are longer you could go for two.  Once your flowers are in place you then dip the brush into the varnish, take it out again and dab or press the brush onto the nail around the flowers.  You may have to dip the brush into the bottle a couple of times per nail but this means you get a good coverage of the pieces all over the nail.  So you know when you're trying to paint on that new special effect varnish you have and you end up with about five bits sparsely dotted around?  That's because you should dab not brush.  Repeat after me, dab, not brush!      

Although the Floral varnish could be seen as a top coat as it's bits suspended in a clear varnish I would always go in with a standard top coat to seal everything down and in place or pieces could end up catching and coming off.  I haven't made a particularly good job of it on my example above as the flowers are sticking up slightly but I did this in the dark (well I mean at night, I did have the light on) so I didn't actually notice at the time!  So there you have it, the correct way that both of these nail varnishes should be applied.

Have you tried either of these nail varnishes?

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  1. oooh i love them both! The daisies are so cute :)

    Lucky you!

    Keli | xx

  2. I have porchester square in the gel I love it! xx

    1. As I said I'm not really a neutral kind of shade fan but it does look nice. I really must actually try it on my nails soon x


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