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Bloggers make cocktails #MHBloggersHub

A few days ago I was invited along to Meadowhall in Sheffield to try my hand at a bit of Mixology, which is the art or skill of mixing cocktails (or mocktails for the under 18's and drivers). There was no flairing (the fancy throwing around bit) allowed though as, you know, inexperienced bloggers and glass bottles flying through the air would probably have been an accident waiting to happen!

Our cocktail master-class was held at the Palm Sugar Lounge bar in the food court and our Mixologist was Matt who had previously honed his skills in Sydney, Australia. 

First up was the Tom Yam Siam (the one with the chilli in) which uses the spices used in Tom Yam soup. This includes vodka, rum, lime juice, lemongrass and yes, red chilli. We were warned about this one before we even started the master-class and let me warm you too, if you're a fan of spicy things then you might love this, if not I'd say stay away from this one! The taste of the actual cocktail isn't too bad but once you've swallowed it the chilli then hits you in the back of the throat, and I only had a tiny sip as I was driving. There's no way I could drink a full one so I wasn't personally a fan!

Next up were some Mojito's including a raspberry flavoured one and another flavour that I can't remember now (I really must start taking notes).  A Mojito includes white rum, sugar, lime juice, sparkling water, mint and then obviously some raspberry's for the raspberry flavoured one.  I didn't try the Mojito's as I haven't been a fan of these in the past, I'm not keen on the bits of mint in it.

I didn't manage to get any photos of the Strawberry Daiquiri's as these were made over by the blender (in a round bar) so I couldn't actually see them being made.  I had a quick sip (very tasty) but obviously couldn't have anymore so Matt offered to make me a mocktail/smoothie type drink and I headed into the bar to give him a hand.  After mixing up a mango juice/paste type thing, lime juice, strawberrys and ice I had a smoothie that didn't actually have a name as Matt made it up on the spot so I christened this the Bloggers Hub Mocktail.

Matte then asked if we had any requests for anything we'd like to make and Bethanie asked to make a Frozen Margarita.  A Magarita includes Tequila, Triple sec (an orange flavoured liqueur), lime juice, sour mix (a mixer with sugar and lemon or lime juice) and is finished with a lime wedge and salt round the rim of the glass. This is the one with the lime wedged on the edge of the glass.  

Once we'd finished testing out our lack of mixology skills we made ourselves comfortable and waited to be treated to some amazing Thai food from ChaoBaby. While we were waiting for our lunch we given a little background information about the restaurant. The group is owned by Martin Stead and Kim Kaewkraikhot. Martin went to Bangkok, bought some street food from Kim and they fell in love. Kim came to the UK with Martin and in 2004 they opened their first restaurant, Chaophraya, in Leeds.  They then opened another restaurant in 2007 in Manchester and later another in Liverpool. In 2010 they launched ChaoBaby (a restaurant designed for shopping centres) and in 2011 a new Chaophraya was opened in Birmingham and the ChaoBaby was opened in Meadowhall. 

Just how amazing does this food look and I can assure you it tasted just as amazing. We sampled some chicken pad thai (hidden under an omelette), beef curry, egg fried and plain rice, mini spring rolls, mini fish in batter and chips.  If you're based near Sheffield (or any of the other locations mentioned) and fancy treating yourself I'd say get yourself over to ChaoBaby and the Palm Sugar lounge and indulge in some delicious Thai food and a cheeky cocktail or two.

Are you a cocktail and Thai food fan?

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  1. This looks like such a lovely event. The food also looks super yummy and so do those drinks. I love events I think they're a great way to meet new people. I've never actually been to one but I'd love to!x

    1. It was, I had a lovely time and the food was amazing. See if anybody is organising a blogger meetup near you and get your name down x

  2. This looks so fun, would love to try making cocktails. xx


    1. It's actually quite hard work when you're trying to squeeze limes by hand and kind of mash everything up with the wooden basher thing but it is really good fun x


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