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My Lord & Berry lipstick crayon collection

Recently I did a post on my very moderately sized MAC lipstick collection and it was a popular post with my readers.  Even though my Lord & Berry lipstick crayon collection is even smaller (I only have three) I thought I would do a collection post on them as well as I don't think these are recognised enough within the blogging community.

The correct name for these is Lord & Berry 20100 shining lipsticks but I tend to drop the 20100 (I'm not sure what this part means) and just refer to them as Lord & Berry lipstick crayons.  These are the sort of crayons that require sharpening but I really don't mind that. Although you do lose some product while sharpening I like that you can get a point back again to help with more precise application.

One of the best thing about these crayons is that they are so buttery soft. So soft in fact that you have to be careful replacing the clear plastic lids that they come with as you can catch the edge of the crayon quite easily and end up smooshing it all over the place. The buttery texture of course means that they melt onto your lips with ease, there's no dry formula and tugging on the lips here.  Another thing I really like is that they smell just like MAC lipsticks with a lovely vanilla fragrance to them.  These are comfortable to wear and I find they last pretty well, at least a good few hours, and two of them leave a stain behind so they appear to last even longer.

I love my little collection because although I haven't got a nude shade (as you're probably aware I don't do nude shades) I think I have the perfect range of shades.  Plum was the first one I bought and fell in love with and this is a lovely plum/berry shade that's perfect for autumn/winter.  The next shade I bought I personally think works all year round, although this may be the sort of shade some people save for special occasions or nights out.  Cherry is a lovely dark cherry red shade that looks a little more cherry than shows in the swatch. Although all three shades are highly pigmented this is the most pigmented of the bunch.  Bucking the trend the last shade in my collection doesn't have a name that reflects the colour of the crayon.  Lust is a lovely summery coral shade that isn't really the sort of shade I would usually pick for myself.  This was however a Miss Makeup Magpie enabled purchase after I saw it on Gemma's blog and just had to add it to my collection.  

Strangely the price of the Lord & Berry lipstick crayons varies quite a lot across different retailer, ranging from £8 up to I think £12. I think the price even varies across shades over on ASOS. However, I wouldn't hesitate in paying £12 for one of these as I think they are on par with MAC lipsticks and even at their highest price they're still £3.50 cheaper than the cheapest MAC lipsticks. I urge you to try one (if you haven't already) and discover how amazing they are for yourself.

Have you tried a Lord & Berry lipstick crayon?

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  1. I have a couple of these and I think you're right, they are underrated! I love them! xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

    1. I guess maybe not many people have tried them because they've not heard of them. I think any MAC lippie fans should try one out x

  2. Ah thank you so much for the mention Becky! Aren't they amazing? I have two now, but I definitely want more as they're such amazing lip products xx

    Gemma |

    1. It's a shame you can't find them in store anywhere (as far as I'm aware) as I'd love to swatch some of the other shades to work out which ones I want next x

  3. HI!
    Sorry if it's a stupid question but... How do I open more lipstick??

    1. These are ones you need to sharpen lovely x


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