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Selfridges beauty blogger discovery evening

On 28th August Selfridges Birmingham held their first beauty blogger discovery evening and I was delighted to be invited along by Rose from Mixed Gems, who is the beauty personal shopper for the Birmingham store. I previously met Rose when I went over to experience the beauty personal shopper service (you can find my post on that here) and we ended up doing a lot more chatting then personal shopping, so I was looking forward to seeing Rose again. The evening also meant I would get to have a little nosey at some new and existing products from some brands that I haven't actually tried before.

As if it isn't amazing enough to walk into a room filled with beauty and discover that there's a raspberry glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut waiting for you, each doughnut had been iced with the name of a blogger attending the event (and mine was very very tasty). The brands involved in the evening were Estee Lauder, Creme de la Mer, GHD, Shu Uemura, Charlotte Tilbury, Nars and Kiehl's and although I own a pair (of now very old) GHD's and have tried a couple of samples, in general I haven't actually tried any of these brands.

If you read my Nars wish list post a few weeks ago you'll know that I do have a wish list as long as my arm so I was eager to head over to the Nars table and take a look at some products. I'd already swatched a few of the new Dual intensity eye shadows down in the beauty hall while waiting for the event to start and oh my they are beautiful. I sat down and was offered a manicure (just the painting bit) with one of their 40 news shades that also have a new formula. I went for a lilac shade that I believe may have been Kalymnos; it was only after the lady made a start that I then spotted Night Breed (a black with silver glitter) that definitely called to my need to start wearing black nail varnish, so I definitely have my eye on this. The very best part was that when my nails were finished I was then handed a mini blusher in Deep Throat to take away with me. My very first nars product! I don't think I can put into words how excited I was to accept that super cute little box! 

At the Creme de la Mer table the lovely lady told me how the brand started out. Dr Max Huber suffered burns to his face in an accident in the laboratory so he set out to develop something that would repair his skin. 12 years and 6000 experiments later he perfected the nutrient-rich Miracle Broth, which forms the base of their products. Creme de la Mer don't have day creams, night creams, intense creams etc but just have one moisturising cream that comes in different textures depending on what you prefer to use. I was given a sample of the standard moisturising cream and also my personal choice of the gel cream. I was also told how to use the standard cream correctly as you're not supposed to just slap it on (a very technical beauty term there!). As this is quite a tough cream you're supposed to warm this between your fingers first to break it down and soften it and then apply it to your face. I'm enjoying using my gel sample but unfortunately I'm not currently in a position to be able to afford the full size at £105 for 30ml and £200 for 60ml (inserts wide eyed shocked looking emoji). Just to make your eyes water a little more the standard cream goes up to £1340 for 500ml.

On the Charlotte Tilbury table there were several different cards showing different makeup looks, from subtle and pretty looks to more bronzed or rock chick type looks. You'll also find these looks displayed on Charlotte Tilbury counters. On the back of the card that accompanies each look you'll find the products that were used to create the look. If you buy the complete set of products (prices varying depending on the set) you get a complementary makeup bag (shown in the photo) worth £15. If you'd like to take a look you can find each of these 10 signature looks on the Charlotte Tilbury website.

At the Estee Lauder table I had a three minute makeup look which involved brightening my eyes using the C technique, a small c on the inside of the eye on the side of the nose and a large C round the outside of the eye. The lovely Erin (who I thought was the spitting image of Alice from Super Gorgeous) then offered to apply one of their new lipsticks for me. I was wearing the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Ole Flamingo so Erin handed me a cotton pad with some cleanser on and could I get it off? No! So Erin applied the closest colour Estee Lauder offered over the top of my very stubborn lipstick and it actually created a lovely look. Rose later asked me what lipstick I was wearing and I had to explain it was a hybrid of Bourjois and Estee Lauder!

The lady on the Kiehl's table I'd met before and had chatted with during my personal shopping experience with Rose. She asked me what I thought of the sample of Kiehl's Midnight recovery concentrate that she'd given me previously but unfortunately after checking the ingredients I'd discovered this contained lavender, so I couldn't use it. I told her that I'd recently had a problem with dry skin on my eye lids and was really unsure if I could use anything to try and help. She applied some of Kiehl's Creamy avocado eye treatment for me which doesn't migrate into the eyes and it really cleared up any remaining dry skin I had. I've made a note of this for if my dry eyelids return again but am thinking of picking it up earlier to try and help ease my dark circles.

Unfortunately I didn't manage to get round to the GHD and Tom Ford tables and there wasn't a staff member available for Shu Uemura but I did have a little nosey through the products that had been left for us to look at and I have actually had my makeup done on a Shu Uemura counter before.

I really enjoyed the evening and hope Selfridges hold similar events in the future, and that I'm lucky enough to be invited along of course. I even really enjoyed jumping on the train to head over there for a change rather than driving. One thing I'm curious about though, does anybody know why there was a giant paint brush and dripping paint on the roof The Bullring? I couldn't find any signs or anything to let me know what that was all about!

Have you ever had a wander round a Selfridges beauty hall?

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  1. It looks like you had an amazing time! :)
    Your photographs are fantastic and that personalised donut looks spectacular too! I bet it was just as yummy as it looks!

    Ellis - Ellis Tuesday

    1. Thank you, I always borrow my dads camera if I'm going to an event! I did have a lovely time and the doughnut was very tasty indeed x

  2. Sounds like you had a great time! Amazing photos too :) Them doughnuts look yummmmmy!

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

    1. A few people didn't turn up so their doughnuts were going spare, I really had to resist not having a second one! x

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