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TTYA x Long Tall Sally

Although a lot of shops now do offer tall ranges, one thing that often frustrates me is that their ranges can be very limited. Your choice might include one standard pair of office style black trousers, a couple of pairs of jeans and some simple tops. There may be a couple of pieces that reflect current trends, but the choice will be very limited. So I love seeing a tall range that includes some more fashionable items, or even better a collaboration with a designer.

As a specialist tall retailer Long Tall Sally already have an extensive range, but I was excited to hear that last week they launched a new collection, TTYA x Long Tall Sally, which is in association with online retailer Taller Than Your Average, founded by Irene Agbontaen. The collection has been shot by Irene's friend, photographer Alex Sainsbury and is modelled by ASOS model Jamie Gunns. The range is available online right now (I'm not sure if it's available in stores) and I thought I'd show you a few of my favourite pieces from the collection.

I do love when the summer starts to slip away (if we actually get one) and things start to get a bit cosier. If the weather really starts to get chilly what could be better than wrapping up in a big furry Yeti coat (£110). You may look a little like Chewbacca's younger blonder sister, but in the winter I think it's a good look and you'll definitely be warm. I'd probably wear this with some skinny jeans, long boots and a big floppy hat. 

When it comes to leather, sometimes I really like it as a look and other times I'm not really a fan. At the moment I'm all for it and already have a pair of leather look trousers and am considering a pair of shorts or a skirt.  Although the Metallic pencil skirt (£55) isn't actually leather the metallic high-shine material gives it a leather look and the pink colour is a nice change from traditional black.

Body suits really remind me of being at school, which is probably not such a good thing when it comes to fashion, but fashions come back around and something is really drawing me to the Long sleeve jersey body (£35). Being tall with a long body (my legs aren't actually that long) something like a body suit has always been a bit of an issue for me. As a dancer for 20 years I've had to wear my fair share of leotards and depending where my teacher sourced her costumes from I often had to endure a Hunchback of Notre Dame type look or a another problem that I won't go into detail about! A body suit specially made for taller girls might mean I would actually be able to stand up straight, or as straight as somebody with Scoliosis and a slight natural hunch can stand.

As I've already mentioned I'm currently a fan of leather look items so obviously I love the look of the Leather look trousers (£55). I actually have a very similar pair that I got from Topshop last winter. The ones I have are actually a little too long for me, although it doesn't matter too much as they just ruch up slightly which I actually quite like, but the LTS ones are a 34" length which is perfect for me. 

What do you think of Long Tall Sally's collaboration range?

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  1. Gorgeous pieces, I love that champagne colour! xxx


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