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Sk:n Clinics Clear skin challenge

As I'm sure was the case with many people, I hit my teens and I started to suffer with acne. Luckily mine wasn't really bad, but back then I was very introverted and suffered from a chronic lack of self-confidence, and acne just made me want to hide myself even more. I suffered with a few spots across my forehead (which back then were covered by a fringe) but they were mostly on my chin and also on my back. At least if you suffer from acne on your back you have the option to cover it if you want to, but as a dancer I would often have to wear costumes with low backs that meant part back, and therefore my acne, was on show. I was always told 'you'll grow out of it' but I think we all now know that a lot of people do not grow out of 'teenage acne' and continue to suffer into their 20s, 30s and even beyond.

I had several long-term courses of antibiotics to try and help clear it up, and as far as I remember they helped a little, but only while I was taking them. As soon as my doctor thought I was old enough I was put on the pill and I'm still on the pill now, mainly for this purpose, around 14 years later. My skin is now mostly clear, but I do still suffer from hormonal breakouts, and I'm happy to admit that I'm scared to come off the pill in case my acne returns. Although my skin is now mostly clear, after years of acne on the same areas I'm left with scaring. On my chin this means my skin always has at least a slight red/purple tinge to it and what I guess I would call light pitting, which looks like large open pores, both of which are a pain to cover with concealer/foundation. On my back, although it doesn't look too bad at a distance, if you look closely there are white scars where the larger spots I suffered from have healed but left a mark like a loss of pigmentation.

In the past I have thought about treatments I could have done to try and help improve the appearance of any scaring I have left behind. One treatment that I have considered as a possibility in the future is a Dermaroller. This is where a roller with lots of tiny little needles is rolled across the area, this then encourages your body's natural healing process to repair the skin, making it appear smoother. This and various other acne and scaring based treatments are available at Sk:n Clinics, one of which is based near to where I spend a lot of time in Cheltenham. They're the UK's No 1 skin care clinic and they have over 30 clinics across the UK, so there should be one within reasonable travelling distance of most people.

Sk:n Clinics are currently running a clear skin challenge where they've selected 10 people to be assessed by their acne team for a complete treatment worth up to £1300. The challenge includes male and females aged between 20 and 31 from different ethnicities. You can follow each persons journey on the Sk:n Clinics website (here) or on Facebook and see what treatments they were provided with and how these are working for them. There are mid-treatment updates available to see and I have to say I'm impressed with the results so far.

Have you ever suffered from acne or do you suffer now?
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