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As seen in - Casualty

There are certain TV shows that I would love to get a role in, either because I love the show myself, or the show is a bit of an institution. One of these is definitely Sherlock, so I was pretty disappointed when I was put forward for, but didn't get, a very good role in a Sherlock special that was filmed recently/may still be filming (insert loudly crying emoji here!). But that's the way this sort of work goes. However, last August I did head over into Wales to work on one of my other 'bucket list' shows, and as a result I made an appearance in last nights Casualty.

This one wasn't too difficult as far as shoots go. I sat on a wall talking to another SA while waiting to be used and then when we were on set I just wandered round a shop. 

So as usual it's my back that ended up on camera. This really isn't helping with my boyfriend's running joke that it's only my bum that is famous! For the first shot I did originally walk down the aisle away from the camera and walk past her as she came up the aisle, but the shop was so small we kept crashing baskets so they had to abandon that.

So that was about it for this shoot. The only thing of note was that while we were having our lunch we got a little confused by the five or six SA's that were dressed up as witches. We thought maybe they were just sharing our base for some other filming but then they got on our minibus back to the location. Witches aren't really the sort of thing you usually see on Casualty (we weren't filming for Halloween) but we asked one of the crew what was going on with them and were told somebody was hallucinating. That was all we got though as obviously they have to keep the stories under wraps. If you didn't see the episode, the witches were pushing around babies in buggies!

 Are you a fan of Casualty?

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  1. BIG fan of casualty, even bigger fan of Sherlock though, so gutting that you missed out but there will be more opportunities I'm sure, Benedict has said he wants to do Sherlock for at least another 15 years (so what, that means like 3 new series for us at the rate they film it haha!) xx

    1. I know, they take so long between series don't they, I think it's two years. I have no idea why they leave it so long but I'm sure there's a reason behind it x

  2. Gutted you didn't make it onto Sherlock! I don't watch casualty but thats so cool that you are on it!! Onwards and upwards! ( maybe the sherlock guys will see what a great bum you have and cast it? hahahaha) x

    1. Ha, I'm picked from my head shot but it's always my bum that appears on camera! x

  3. I'm not a fan of Casualty but you must be so happy.. fingers crossed it's your face next time :) xx

    Gemma |


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