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Lush I love Juicy shampoo

Over the last few months, on and off, I've been suffering with hair that doesn't seem to want to get clean. After washing and drying I'll run my fingers through it, or start sectioning it off to straighten, and will discover that it still feels greasy. Even my hairdresser commented a couple of weeks ago that I was suffering from an oily build-up, yuck! I don't even really use any products on my hair, heat protection spray is the only thing I use regularly, so it must just be down to my oily hair and using shampoos that aren't coping well with this. As you may know I love having clean hair, which is one of the reasons why I struggle to get on with dry shampoo, so having hair that doesn't feel clean even after washing is a big problem for me.

I knew I needed a clarifying shampoo, but not having much experience of using them I didn't really know what to try. I knew Lush's Big shampoo would do the job, but I don't currently have any and with a pot being over £10 (£12.25 to be precise) that was more than I really wanted to spend. I asked for recommendations on Twitter and Angelica suggesting trying Lush's I Love Juicy. After checking online and discovering you can get a 100g bottle for £5.50 I headed out to grab one.

Lush I Love Juicy shampoo

This one contains fine sea salt (which as far as I can see you can't detect at all), lemon oil, sweet orange oil and fresh pineapple, kiwi, mango and papaya juice.  All those fruit juices contain enzymes to help break down grease, dirt and product build-up, making this ideal for clarifying. This has a very zesty/zingy pineapple based scent which makes it very fresh and fruity. 

You only need to use a small amount and it lathers well. I try to use this roughly once a week as I believe that is how often you're supposed to use a clarifying shampoo (please correct me if I'm wrong and can use it more often?) and it does a great job of removing the yuck from my hair and actually making it clean. I also find that this leaves my hair soft and bouncy with a bit of root volume, which is something I'm always looking for. So winning all round I'd say!

I Love Juicy is £5.50 for a 100g bottle, £10.95 for 250g and £17.95 for 500g and is available in store and on the Lush website.

Do you ever have a problem with getting your hair clean?

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  1. i have super oily hair as well, definitely going to look for this next time i go!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle

    1. My hair drives me crazy! Sometimes it's not too bad and I can just about manage two days before washing and other times I can barely get one out of it x

  2. I think I need a clarifying shampoo! My hair used to only need shampooed once or twice a week, but I recently started using Bumble and Bumble (which I love) and it seems to need washed every other day :(
    I get what you mean about hair not feeling clean after shampooing!


    1. There's nothing worse than hair still feeling dirty straight after washing! x

  3. This sounds like a good clarifying shampoo! I haven't used one for ages but I really should get back into the habit of it xx

    Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog

    1. I'm trying to remember to use it regularly so hopefully my hair doesn't become an oily mess again! x

  4. I bet this smells amazing!! I don't tend to get greasy hair (apart from my fringe!) so I wouldn't need this shampoo really, but I'm definitely having a smell of it next time I'm in haha. I'm currently using the Lush shampoo bars and loving them :) x

    1. Oh I wish I didn't get greasy hair, it's always been the bane of my life! I really want to try some of the shampoo bars again but I need to finish some of the other shampoos I have first x


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