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As seen in - No Offence

Around September last year I filmed my first featured TV role for a new C4 drama called No Offence, which is by the creator of Shameless. I've had several featured roles in music videos before, in fact in videos I tend to get featured roles over standard background roles, but I've not had a featured role in TV so far. A featured role usually means you actually play a part rather than just being part of the background and in this case I was playing a bridesmaid.This wasn't going to be a typical wedding though and I was asked beforehand if I was okay being in a scene that would involve drug use and being associated with the EDL. The idea of the scene is that the police raid a chavvy wedding to arrest the groom who I believe is wanted for suspected murder.

When I arrived and headed to costume it turned out I'd not received the message telling me to fake tan badly and bring some sky high shoes along with me. I don't own any really high heels anyway apart from my Latin American or Character shoes (which are only about three and a half inches) but I managed to borrow some from one of the other bridesmaid. Although I ended up making the decision not to bother wearing them at all as I was supposed to be drunk so I just left them under the table.

I didn't realise the scene was going to be right at the beginning of the episode (aired Tuesday 19th May) and I nearly missed it as I was trying to cook dinner at the time. On screen everything moved so fast and was a bit of a blur but I managed to spot myself in the shot above and as usual it's my back that's made it on to camera! There are two other shots where you can just see me, but they're so quick and blurry when paused it wasn't worth screen grabbing them. 

It was actually pretty chaotic filming the scene. Certain police officers were supposed to grab certain wedding guests such as the groom, best man etc but everyone else was just told to run, so there was people everywhere. I think the best man was grabbed closest to me and although he wasn't necessarily supposed to he ended up falling over each time we did a take and in one take I ended up getting soaked by a low flying pint when he accidentally kicked the table. Luckily it only got my legs and I wasn't actually hit by the glass. This one was quite a fun shoot to do!

Have you been watching No Offence?

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  1. I watched the first episode of this the other day and I have to admit that I didn't quite get it! I'll see if I can spot you if I watch the second episode!

    Dannie x

    1. I got a little confused by the first episode as well so it wasn't just you! x


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