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As seen in - Rixton 'We all want the same thing'

Two 'As seen in' posts in a row? Yep!

It feels like I've been waiting forever for this video to be released as we actually shot this back in December 2013. Turn around time for a music video from shooting until release is usually around four weeks. I think the longest I've waited to see a video so far was around two months for Ellie Goulding's 'Burn' video, so 16 months is an awful long time. I actually thought that they wouldn't use this after so long, in fact I thought they'd changed their mind about releasing the single at all.

One day in December 2013 I headed down to London to attend a casting for a Rixton video before they'd released their first mainstream single and become 'famous'. When I arrived at the casting I was delighted to discover the director was Emil Nava, my favourite music video director to work for who'd previously selected me for a main cast roll in Ed Sheerans 'Give me love' video. I did my bit at the casting, drove home (which does take two hours) and just as I was walking through my front door I received a message to say I'd got the part.

So about four days before Christmas I headed back down to London for a 16 hour shoot for the video. Luckily in the end it wasn't quite 16 hours, we wrapped a few hours earlier, which is always welcome as 16 hours is hard work, especially with a four hour round drive on top! The idea of the video is that the band arrives and I attempt to attend to their hair (I was playing a hair stylist/dancer) before they go through a curtain that transports them back to the 70s. My 70s costume involved a green wool jumpsuit type thing that itched like crazy where it wasn't lined because I'm allergic to wool and gave me an almost constant wedgy (I'm sorry I know TMI but you need to feel my pain!). It also included around five inch heels (remember I'm nearly 6ft tall!) and a rather unflattering wig. The shoes were crazy, they were thigh high and I could barely walk up and down stairs or sit down. If I did sit down somebody would have to pull me back up again. Even worse when I tried to get them off the zip broke and I had to break them to finally be free of them.

How unflattering is that middle shot! The video moves so quickly it's impossible to try and get clear shots but you can spot me in various places throughout the video, most often in the 'soul train' or dancing in front of Jake (the singer). As you can probably tell the majority of the people in the video weren't there but have been added in afterwards. Apart from the band I think there was only about 15 Supporting artists there and you can also spot the director Emil as he decided to jump in and make an appearance. 

When it came to the dancing parts they'd start the song and we'd actually carry on through the whole song without stopping. It's a good job I've been a dancer for a large part of my life and am used to dancing for an entire song non-stop. In fact, I still appear to be programmed to start dancing as soon as I hear the song! Despite being a pretty long day and being worked hard it was a really fun shoot to do and I'm glad they've still used it after all this time.

If you'd like to watch the video I've embedded it below.

Are you a fan of Rixton?

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