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As seen in - The Theory of Everything

I've waited so long to see this film and I finally got to watch it on Monday night. I worked on The Theory of Everything back in 2013 and it was released on 1st January 2015. I wanted to go and watch it the day it was released but for a reason I now can't remember I was unable to and then I just never got round to going to see it. I remember a time when the DVD of a film would take a year or two to be released but as they turn around so quickly now I decided to pre-order the DVD so I could watch it as soon as it was released on Monday.

I didn't know if I'd have made it into the final film as there's always the chance you'll be just out of camera shot, be stood behind somebody else or your scene might not even make it in at all. So I was delighted when I discovered that I did make it in and it's actually a pretty good shot of me. 

I'm sorry the picture isn't great, I had problems trying to screen shot from the film, but that's me sat in the middle visiting my 'mum'. The director spotted me stroking my 'mums' hand and set up a close up shot of our hands, but that wasn't used in the film in the end.

I really enjoyed the film and admit I did cry at least a couple of times. I think it's incredible that they told Stephen Hawking he only had two years to live and he's still with us now and in his 70s. I'm so pleased Eddie Redmayne won several awards for best actor as he did such an amazing job of playing him. I remember he had a lady with him while filming who told him exactly how to hold his hands, how to sit, where to put his head so his portrayal of Motor Neurone disease was as realistic as possible. This was the first major film I worked on and I'm so proud to have been a part of it.

Have you seen The Theory of Everything?

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  1. I loved this film! I think Eddie played him perfectly. What a great film to be a part of :)

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

    1. I'm so proud to have been part of it. I know I had nothing to do with its success but it's amazing to be able to say I'm in a multi award winning film x


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