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Attending the BAFTAs 2015 with House of Fraser

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you may have noticed a few BAFTA related tweets/pictures on my accounts a couple of weeks ago. This is because I was lucky enough to attend the awards ceremony on Sunday 10th May.

The Wednesday before the awards an email landed in my inbox with the subject 'Congratulations!' but I didn't think too much of it at first as I enter a lot of competition and am lucky enough to win quite regularly. It was only when I opened it that I realised it was House of Fraser letting me know that I'd won their BAFTA competition. My prize included two VIP tickets to the BAFTAs, an overnight stay in a 5 star hotel, a £500 House of Fraser gift card and an official nominees goody bag. House of Fraser also covered my travel costs so I even treated myself to going down on the train as I was going to jump on a coach as although it takes longer it's considerably cheaper.

The gift card was sent straight out to me so I could go and buy myself a suitably gorgeous dress to wear to the ceremony. Unfortunately there isn't actually a House of Fraser where I live (although there is one where my boyfriend lives) so I headed up to Meadow Hall in Sheffield to try and find a dress. As it was for the BAFTAs I ideally wanted something floor length but really thought I'd struggle as I'm just under 6ft tall. I needn't have worried though as dresses appear to be super long at the moment, so they would pool on the ground for anybody shorter than me, but for me this means floor length. I found a lovely dress from Lace & Beads (who I haven't actually heard of before) which is grey with a beaded and sequinned top section that was only £75. I then managed to get 10% as some of the stitching had unravelled slightly and some sequins were coming off.

A memorial directly opposite our hotel

On the day I met up with my boyfriend in London who came across separately and we headed to a pub to meet up with some people he knew and have some lunch. The pub had just bought out their summer menu and I had a starter of Calamari followed by mussels and chips with toasted bread. The meal was so nice and I was quite surprised how reasonable it was considering we were in London. I'm afraid I can't remember the name of the pub but if you would like to know I can double check with my boyfriend. We then jumped on the tube to head towards the hotel and had a little wander through London while we waited for check in time. The hotel was actually very close to where the protests that turned into a bit a riot had been the day before and I was quite concerned that there might still be some trouble on the day that would effect our plans. The street was actually cordoned off so you could only walk down the paths on either side and there was a heavy police presence, including armoured vans and officers everywhere, but there was no trouble. We walked past the Women of World War 2 memorial and I believe the graffiti that had been sprayed onto it had been removed. It was quite a nice day, not too warm for walking around and as it was a Sunday it wasn't too busy, which made wandering around much more pleasant than usual. We then headed to the hotel to check in.

When I checked in at the hotel we were told we'd been upgraded so I was even more excited to head up and see what the room was like, and it was amazing! It featured a walk in wardrobe, double sink bathroom with a huge walk in shower and a bath with a TV, a mini bar (which was rather expensive, £3.30 for a small bottle of Coke!) and a Nespresso coffee machine. I'm sorry some of the photos are a little blurry but I think I was a little excited at the time and suffering from shaky hands. Unfortunately we didn't actually end up spending the night in this room as we found that when we turned the cold taps on in the bathroom they were actually hot. We reported it to reception and when we returned from the BAFTAs we were given another room and a bottle of champagne in the room for the inconvenience. 

I'm not sure what happened but despite having nearly three hours from check-in time until we had to leave for the BAFTAs the time just disappeared and I only ended up having about 40 minutes to get ready. I think I got carried away admiring the room and we did head out briefly so I could grab a drink as I didn't really want to use anything from the mini bar. But I managed to just about make myself look presentable and we headed off for the 15 minute walk to the Theatre Royal on Drury Lane. We got to the red carpet, showed our tickets and then were told to walk down the red carpet. To be honest I think I kind of zoned out and didn't really see what was going on around me but my boyfriend said a photographer shouted 'who are they?' and he responded 'nobody'! As I work in TV and film I'm kind of used to celebrities, although if I'd thought more about it I should have had a little look round to see who was on the carpet at the time. I haven't checked any of the red carpet photos to see if I was caught in the background of any, I really should! We got to the end and headed up to our seats in the Grand circle where we found a bottle of Evian mineral water and a pack of Hotel Chocolate Tiddly BAFTAs on each seat (both were sponsors of the awards).

Excuse the heads but you can't really avoid that in a theatre unless you try and stand up and I was a bit worried I might tread on my dress and end up falling over. You can't see very well but the background of the stage was made up of BAFTA heads and it did look really good. Graham Norton was presenting and the show was opened with Sigma and Labrinth singing Higher. From up where we were it was pretty difficult to see the dresses but there were definitely a couple that weren't for me and several that looked gorgeous. The BAFTAs is televised but it starts before the broadcast starts on TV so I'm assuming a few of the mistakes that did happen were edited out. These included somebody trying to announce the winner before we'd seen the nominees, somebody walking off without their BAFTA and the worst one was the winner displayed on the screens was different to the winner that was read out! We did want to catch up with a few people we know in TV but surprisingly none of them were actually there so we skipped out on the after show party. 

After the ceremony we walked back to the hotel, got changed and nipped out again for a quick McDonalds before changing rooms. I then finished off my night with a glass of champagne in the bath (that I could stretch out fully in, remember I'm almost 6ft tall) watching a rubbish film on the bathroom TV. The goody bag was originally supposed to be waiting in my room for me but I found out afterwards that it was so heavy they were going to send it to me instead. I'm so glad they did as it arrived towards the end of the following week in a huge box and was indeed very heavy. It would have been impossible to try and get it home on the tube and train!

I thought the items in the goody bag were in a goody bag type bag but when I'd taken everything out I was delighted to find that the 'goody bag' was actually a Modalu England leather handbag worth £260. I've never owned an expensive handbag like this before, or even a handbag this large, so I'm really looking forward to filling it full of useful stuff I can't usually carry around with me in my small bag! The other items in the amazing goody bag were:

  • Hotel Chocolate champagne truffles
  • A bottle of BAFTA branded Taittinger Brut Reserve champagne
  • Carat London star bracelet
  • Howick collar stays
  • Biba clutch bag
  • Grolsch pen
  • Fortnam & Mason BAFTA branded loose leaf tea
  • Four BAFTA branded bottlegreen cordials
  • Evian facial spray
  • Mark hill products including styling spray, ball brush and backcombing comb
  • St.Tropez luxe dry body oil
  • Banagrams game
Thank you so much to House of Fraser for offering this amazing prize and for selecting me as the winner. Although I did get a little stressed at times (I'm a stress head) I had an amazing time and don't think I'll ever get another chance to stay in a hotel like the Corinthia.

Did you watch the BAFTAs?

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  1. What an amazing experience - and a brilliant competition win!!

    1. It was amazing, I'm so pleased I won! x


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