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Hillarys Blinds craft competition 2015 - I made a makeup bag

I really enjoyed taking part in the Hillarys Blinds craft competition last year but I didn't think I'd have the time to take part this year due to filming commitments. As you may know my film role has now fallen through and my summer is completely free again so I requested my chosen fabric sample and got to work. 

The idea of the competition is that Hillarys Blinds give you a choice of four different fabric designs. They send you a one meter square piece of your chosen fabric and your mission should you choose to accept it is to create something with the fabric and any other materials that you have. Once the closing date is reached (19th June 2015) a shortlist of 10 entries will be popped up on the Hillarys Blinds website and people will be able to pin and tweet the entries they like the most. A judging panel will then consider the final 10 and pick a winner who will win £1000. 

Last year I wanted to make something that was appropriate to beauty and my blog and I made covers to protect my nail stamping plates (that I still haven't mastered how to use yet!) and a drawstring bag to keep them in. If you'd like to see my entry you can find it here. This year I decided I wanted to try out making a makeup bag.

Hillarys Blinds craft competition 2015

Hillarys Blinds craft competition 2015
Hillarys Blinds craft competition 2015
It's far from perfect but I'm really quite proud of it for a first attempt. I found a tutorial online to follow and they're actually quite difficult to make. As you can see I did use a zip that I went and bought from a local small craft shop but that was the only additional thing I used apart from the fabric I was sent and of course a needle and cotton that I already owned. I knew it really needed a lining fabric as well but I didn't want to buy any and after some research I now know it also really needs something called interfacing, but I'll explain this more below. It also really needs little tabs on the end of each side of the zip to hold onto while you're moving the zip but I skipped these not really realising that they really are needed.

I'm afraid I don't have step by step pictures as I really wasn't sure it would work out when I started so I just went ahead and then didn't have time to make another one (and didn't have another zip) so I could take the pictures. I'll talk you through it briefly though.

You start out by cutting your fabric to the size that you need for the size of makeup bag that you want and I have to admit I just kind of guessed this using the zip I'd bought as a guide! You then stitch one end of the fabric to one side of the zip, curl the fabric round back on itself (so it's effectively inside out) and sew the other end to the other side of the zip. You then flatten it, putting the zip on top in the middle of the fabric, and sew down each side to make a pouch. For this bit you need to make sure you've opened the zip at least a little so you can then get inside the pouch as the zip pull will be inside. You then cut out the four corners (which is a little more complicated than it sounds sizing wise) before taking hold of the inner corners and pulling them apart making the corner 3D again. You line up the two edges this makes and stitch them together and complete the same with each corner. You then end up with an awkward looking lump of fabric but once you turn the bag the right way round you will find that these corners have made the end of the bag shown in the second photo above and that your bag is complete. 

As I mentioned above I really needed to use something called interfacing and the purpose of this is to make the bag more rigid and able to support itself. The effect of not using interfacing is demonstrated below. 

Hillarys Blinds craft competition 2015

No interfacing means my makeup bag is a little limp and although I can make it sit up on it's own as soon as you take hold of it it does loose shape. But as I said I'm very proud of this for a first attempt using just a single piece of fabric and not really bothering with any measurements! I'm also pleased with the fabric I went for and think it works really well as a makeup bag. I definitely think I picked the best one. Which one would you have gone for?

Unfortunately it's too late to request a sample and join in this year but as this is at least the second year that they've run the competition hopefully there's always next year if you'd like to have a go yourself. You can find full details of the competition here.

What do you think of my makeup bag?

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  1. Oh wow! Good job there, looks great :) xx

  2. Oh wow, you've done an amazing job! The bag looks store bought! I had the same fabric but you've really done it justice!

    Good luck!


    1. Oh thank you lovely. I think this was definitely the best fabric out of the four available x

  3. How on earth did you make that you little wizard! I'll be voting for you for sure :)

    Dannie x

    1. Oh thank you! I just found a tutorial and followed it, but it was a bit complicated in places! x


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