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Help! Which shade to match my dress?

A week today I'm going to a friends wedding and I need your help with a very important dilemma - which nail varnish I should wear to match the dress I'm wearing! 

Which shade to match my dress?

The dress is from Warehouse and it has a black top section with a slightly crazy brush stroke type design on the skirt, featuring several different colours. I bought this back when I had the gift voucher I won for House of Fraser to spend so it didn't cost me a penny. I didn't really need a dress like this, as at the time I didn't think I had an occasion coming up for me to wear it to, but it caught my eye and every time I walked away I ended up coming back to it (the shop assistants must have thought I was a mad women!) so I just couldn't resist it. It was only afterwards that I suddenly realised I do have a wedding to go to this year. I'm not sure if black is really an appropriate choice for a wedding, but as only the top part is completely black I decided it would be fine.

As there's several different colours in the skirt I'm really not sure what colour to wear on my nails to match. The options I've pulled out of my collection are Illamasqua Collide, which is a bright neon pink that almost perfectly matches the pink on the skirt, Maybelline Color show Ocean blue, which is an inky blue shimmer and Soigné Caramel which is a milky nude shade. 

Which shade would you suggest I go with, or should I go with another shade completely?

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  1. I love choosing nail colours! I would go for either nude or the pink. As its summer and I love colour in the summertime, I'd settle on the pink :)

  2. I really like the bright pink colour too :) I think it looks really fresh and summery! xxx

  3. I would go pink :) Since the pink appears to be subtle I think the inclusion of pink nails would really enhance it!

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    1. Pink appears to be the most popular choice x

  5. The hot pink is gorgeous, I'd definitely pick that one, but then again a nude is more classic! Decisions, decisions :) x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

    1. I'm much more of a bright shade person than a nude shade person so the pink probably wins against nude for me x

  6. I already tweeted you this but nude!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers


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