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Max Factor Lipfinity long lasting lipstick

When I was asked if I'd like to try some of the Max Factor Lipfinity long lasting lipsticks* I expected them to be the ones that come with two parts, one being a liquid lipstick type product and then a balm type thing to apply over the top. I was a bridesmaid for my best friend just over 9 years ago and these were the lipsticks we bought especially to try and make sure they lasted through the day, as who can be bothered to top up their lipstick after a wedding tipple or two! 

When the parcel arrived and these three little tubes rolled out I was really surprised. I thought it was possible they might have been updated at some point in the last decade, but these ones appear to be a completely different kind of lipstick. 

Max Factor Lipfinity long lasting lipsticks
Max Factor Lipfinity long lasting lipsticks
Max Factor Lipfinity long lasting lipsticks

It turns out that the lipsticks that I thought these would be are still available and they both fall under the Lipfinity name. Surprisingly I couldn't find these ones on the Max Factor website but I did find them on the Boots website and it appears that they might be new. 

These come in traditional wind up tubes with a clear lid so you can see the colour of the lipstick. The tubes are gold but plastic, so they don't quite pull off the luxe look of something like Charlotte Tilbury. The bullets don't wind right the way down into the tube but stick out of the top very slightly, as you can see on the red lipstick on the top picture. This does look pretty and also means you can see the colour of the lipstick without having to tilt it to see inside the tube, but it also means there's the possibility that you might accidentally catch the bullet with the lid when replacing it. I thought I was being really careful but I did discover that I'd caught the red one when I found it on my hand and smeared on the tube. The lids do fit securely but in general the packaging doesn't feel that secure.

The orangey red shade 'Just deluxe' and the light berry type shade 'Evermore lush' I would say are the sort of shades I would expect from Max Factor, but the purple shade I was surprised by. At first I thought it might just be very purple in the bullet but when swatched it is a proper purple. I was pleased to see that these lipsticks come sealed with a small piece of tape (I hate getting makeup home and realising somebody has tried it) but unfortunately this piece of tape is the only place where the shade name is written. So unless you manage to keep this you'll have to shade match if you want to repurchase in the future, unless you can remember the name of course. Just a quick note on the shade names, I don't mind Just deluxe but Evermore lush and Eternally luscious I do find a bit old-fashioned.

I didn't notice in the bullets at first but when I swatched each shade I noticed that they do contain glitter, although I'm not sure this particularly shows up on the lips. They also have a nice light sweet scent. The shades are easy to apply but I do suffer with a distinct lack of lip line in places and I find the round bullet mean application isn't as precise as I would like. These contain lip conditioners and nourishing oils, so they're comfortable to wear, but when it comes to lasting up to eight hours I don't find that they last anywhere near that. In general I don't find that they last any longer than any other standard lipstick, but then I wouldn't really expect them to as there's nothing about the formula that I can see that should make them last. They're not matte (but not glossy either) and unlike the older Lipfinity lipsticks I mentioned above they don't set in any way. So I wouldn't expect them to last that long if it wasn't for the Lipfinity claim. They really aren't bad at all though, they're nice lipsticks for the price.

The Max Factor Lipfinity long lasting lipsticks are £8.99 and are available from Boots and Superdrug.

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*PR sample  

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  1. These seem really nice! They do resemble Charlotte Tilbury's lipsticks, but I think they look pretty! Just Deluxe is definitely a color I could wear!

    Love, Layla Rosita

    1. Just deluxe is a nice shade if you like an orangey red x

  2. I love the packaging, but they don't seem like anything special!

    Lillies and Lipbalm

    1. Unfortunately they're not really, they're nice enough but nothing special x


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