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Glo & Ray Sky breaker long lasting eyeliners & La Amo Creamy matte lip colour

Glo & Ray are a brand that I have heard of before but I haven't previously tried any of their products. When I was asked if I'd like to try any of their products I took a look at their website and was impressed by the colours available in their Sky breaker long lasting eyeliners. As you may be aware I've been looking for some liquid liners in green and purple shades and although the Sky breaker liners are crayons rather than felt-tip pen style liners they had the sort of shades I was looking for. I was sent the Sky breaker long lasting eyeliner in Forest green* and Orchid* and in the parcel I also found the La Amo Creamy matte lip colour in Muse*.

Glo & Ray Sky breaker long lasting eyeliners & La Amo Creamy matte lip colour
Glo & Ray Sky breaker long lasting eyeliners & La Amo Creamy matte lip colour
Glo & Ray Sky breaker long lasting eyeliners & La Amo Creamy matte lip colour
Glo & Ray Sky breaker long lasting eyeliners & La Amo Creamy matte lip colour

Each of the products I received come in a black corrugated cardboard box with simple white lettering. Although I do like prettier packaging I also love this sleek simple look and the boxes are nice and sturdy so the products inside are well protected. The actual products also follow the same theme with the only colour being colour coded ends on the liners so you can see which colour you're picking up. 

As you may know I much prefer a bright lip over a pink or nude shade, but I think I may have fallen for Muse. It's a very pretty coral/pink shade that I think suits me and works well with my new hair colour. One thing I'm concerned about is that some of my brighter shades of lipstick won't work well with my now red/plum hair. Despite being a matte shade this is really creamy to apply and very comfortable to wear. This is probably because it contains something called a Hydro wrapping system that softens and moisturises your lips while you wear it. I wouldn't say it's a full matte, it does keep a slight sheen to it and doesn't dry down and because of this and how moisturising it is it's not really long wearing. You'll get two to three hours wear before you'll need to reapply, probably much less if you've eaten or drunk a lot while wearing it. It's so easy to apply I don't mind needing to top up quite regularly. The bullet feels nice and sturdy when winding up and down and the closure has a satisfying click that I would trust to keep the lid on if dropped in my bag.

I have quite a lot of excess skin in my eyelids so one of the reasons I like liquid liner so much is because the liquid flows easily over my eyelids, whereas pencils can drag and pull on my skin making application difficult. So if I'm going to use a pencil it needs to be really creamy so it doesn't pull too much on my skin. The Sky breaker liners are not the softest I've used but they're not bad at all. Although they do pull a little on my eyelids I don't find application too difficult and the colours I received are lovely and just the sort of shades I'm looking for in a liquid liner, maybe just slightly darker than I'd like. I found they lasted well and didn't smudge as I wore then but were easy to remove with an oil cleanser. I did try these on the waterline but for me they didn't last very long. This is nothing against the product though as I'm yet to try a liner that lasts longer than about 10 minutes on my waterline! These are really nice liners and definitely worth a very reasonable £5.50 each. 

Considering the liners are less than £6 each I was surprised to find the lipstick is £12, making it just a few pounds cheaper than a MAC lipstick. Although it's a lovely lipstick that I think I'll get a lot of use from I'm not sure I'd pay £12 for it. 

The Sky breaker long lasting eyeliners and La Amo Creamy matte lip colour are both available on the Glo & Ray website. 

Have you tried anything from Glo & Ray?

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