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Long Tall Sally Christmas gift guide #OneForYouOneForMe

Although money is tight this year I have to admit there has been a little bit of 'one for you one for me' when buying my Christmas gifts. So when Long Tall Sally told me their Christmas campaign for this year was #OneForYouOneForMe and asked if I'd like to be involved I had to say yes! Long Tall Sally asked me what I'd love to receive from their Christmas gift guide...
Long Tall Sally #OneForYouOneForMe

As I write this the temperature outside is 15 degrees (say what December?!) but overlooking that, usually in December and around Christmas time I'm all about being snugly and cosy and this year (despite the fact it might as well be April outside) I'm embracing my new addiction to a daily hot chocolate with mini marshmallows. As I spend a lot of time at home I spend a lot of time in PJ's and it's a bit of a tradition for my mum to buy me new ones every Christmas. Being tall a problem I have with PJ's is most flap around my ankles, which isn't particularly cosy. I had a pair of LTS PJ bottoms for years and I loved them. They were actually too long (because for a tall girl I actually have quite short legs) and too big (after I lost some weight) but as they have a draw string that actually works I just pulled them tight. This year they finally fell apart, helped along by a cat claw that said cat decided to poke in my bum cheek, and I've missed them. So I'd definitely love a new pair and I'd go for the Knightsbridge check pyjama pant (on sale £19). 

With a comfy pair of PJs you need a soft fluffy robe, even if it is just for throwing on to answer the door to the postman. I've never had a full length one before, or one with a hood, so my choice would be the Super soft hooded robe (£55). Can you imagine how warm and comfy a floor length hooded robe would be? 

I don't have any wacky Christmas jumpers but I do have one that came from LTS last year that is subtle but still Christmasy, featuring a piece of mistletoe and two robins. I don't really have the spare money at the money to spend on a very Christmasy jumper that I might only wear once or twice so I like the Fairisle sweater (on sale £40) as the snowflake looking design works as a subtle Christmas jumper but could actually be worn all through the winter!

Long Tall Sally #OneForYouOneForMe

If I'm going to be spending any amount of time outside in winter I do need to wrap up well or I get terrible back ache if I get cold. A scarf is a must for keeping warm and I love the look of the Long length chunky knit scarf with pom poms (on sale £12). It looks huge (which obviously equals warm and snugly) and luckily for me it doesn't contain any wool so I won't end up wanting to scratch my skin off. I love the charcoal grey rather than black and I'd probably spend most of the time playing with the pom poms. 

I have low blood pressure which means my hands and feet regularly feel like blocks of ice in winter. You know the thing doctors clip onto the end of your finger to measure something or other? The last time the doctor tried to do that she actually asked if I was dead! I also like to try and protect my hands from the cold anyway to try and stop my skin becoming really dry so gloves are a must for me when it's chilly outside. Woolly gloves don't really cut it for me as I find they let the cold in easily and are a nightmare if they get wet, so leather or suede gloves is the way to go. I have a pair of leather gloves I treated myself to several years ago, but they're looking a little worse for wear now, so I'd love a new pair. As I have almost freakishly long hands and fingers a pair of gloves from LTS would be perfect and I like the look of the Leather gloves with ruching (£45) as the ruching will keep them snug on my hands and not let the cold in.

The final item I'd love doesn't really fit in with the warm/comfy/cosy/snugly theme I've gone for so far but involves glitter, lots of glitter, and it's the good glitter that doesn't end up coming off and covering everything in sight. I spotted the BFT Dazzle glitter boots (on sale £55) in the LTS catalogue and they most definitely caught my eye. I have a pair of Irregular Choice purple glitter brogues that I adore (that I really should start wearing more) and I'd love something similar in a boot version. Unfortunately I've left it too late now and they no longer have my size, but I can always daydream!

Long Tall Sally also asked me what I would pick to give to my loved ones as a gift (#OneForYouOneForMe remember!). In my immediate family, although myself, my brother and my dad are all tall my mum is about average height, so it wouldn't be ideal to treat her to anything from Long Tall Sally as it would probably swamp her! She does actually have slightly larger feet than me though, and as Long Tall Sally's shoes start from a size 7, if I had the money to treat her I'd probably get her a gorgeous new pair of boots. 

If you're after a last minute gift for a tall lady in your life you can find the Long Tall Sally Christmas gift guide here. Some of the items I've mentioned here are no longer showing in the gift guide but you can find them around the site in their respective categories. 

Have you adopted #OneForYouOneForMe this year? 

*For writing this post Long Tall Sally sent me the Knightsbridge PJ bottoms

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  1. These are some beautiful items :) I don't blame you for treating yourself! x


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