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The Christmas gift bargains

Like most people I love a bargain, especially in the run up to Christmas when it's time to buys gifts for your loved ones. Grabbing your Christmas gifts when they're on offer means you might be able to get something that would have been out of your price range otherwise; this was definitely the case with my brothers present this year. Several of my Christmas gifts this year I've got on some kind of offer so I thought I'd do a post to show you what I've saved where. I apologise that most, if not all of these offers are no longer available, but they're something to bear in mind for next year.

Christmas gift bargains
Christmas gift bargains
Christmas gift bargains
Christmas gift bargains

These are probably the least Christmasy pictures possible but I didn't have any decorations to hand to use and I didn't have much time as I didn't want my mum to come in and see her Christmas present. So I've improvised with a sprig of Picmonkey holly to try and add a little bit of Christmas to them!

3 for 2

3 for 2 is always is a great offer whatever time of year. I'm on a really tight budget for Christmas gifts this year and decided for my mum I'd buy a selection of different beauty crackers/baubles and box them up together as like a little hamper. I can't remember if I decided to buy the Roger & Gallet Hand & nail cream crackers first and then discovered they were on 3 for 2 on Feelunique or whether I browsed the offer and found that they were included, but I snapped up all three. These are already great value, as the price of the cracker is around the same price as the hand cream is on its own, so getting them on 3 for 2 was a complete bargain. They're £6 each so I got all three for £12. I'm slightly disappointed that they don't quite look like crackers, but that doesn't really matter, she'll get the idea. Mum gets through so much hand cream (and usually comes to me to see what's in my stash when she runs out!) and I often buy her new ones she's not tried before as gifts. I haven't tried these ones before myself but I've heard good things about them and have been meaning to try. Oh and there's also a little sample of one of their fragrances in each one too.

Black Friday

Although I tried to avoid Black Friday as much as possible this year it's actually the perfect opportunity to grab some bargain Christmas gifts. When I received an email from Escentual about a small selection of products they had at half price I spotted the perfect gift for my brother. I know he's a fan of Jean Paul Gaultier Le male as he's asked my mum for it in the past, so I had to grab this gift set for just £20. I'm personally not a fan of the shower gels and body lotions that you get in fragrance gift sets but even if he doesn't use the shower gel £20 is still a bargain price just for the aftershave on its own. I wouldn't have been able to afford this full price so I'm really pleased I was able to get it for such a bargain price. 

Boots star gifts and offers

As I'm sure you're aware each year Boots run a star gift offer where each week one of their gift sets is available for a reduced price, usually around half price. The gifts they choose to include are normally quite expensive ones, around £40 - £60 full price, so it's a great opportunity to grab an amazing gift for a bargain price. Technically I don't think the Nails Inc Alice & Olivia cracker set was a star gift but for a limited time this was available for £25 rather than £40. As I've already mentioned my mums gift this year is made up of various different beauty crackers/baubles. When I spotted this I thought it would be ideal to split the set up and use it for part of my mums present, my brothers girlfriends present and I might just keep one for myself as well! The crackers contain one full size glitter shade and five mini sizes (5ml), two in nude shades and three in deep, dark shades.

When I got them I discovered you can't actually tell what shade is inside each cracker from the outside (apart from the one with the glitter shade in), which was a bit of a problem as I wanted certain shades for certain people. But as the ends are secured with those tie things you get with food bags it's very easy to open the cracker, check the shade, and seal it back up again. I was concerned the brushes would be tiny on the mini sizes meaning they'd be difficult to apply but when I opened one (the one I'm keeping!) I was pleased to find the brushes are actually full size. In fact the brushes are so wide you can only just get them back in the bottle without bending a few bristles back. The brush covers most of my nails in pretty much one swipe and is probably a little too wide for my little finger nails.

As there's only one full size shade in them I'm not sure I'd pay £40 for them but I think £25 is a bargain, especially when they've covered two presents (and a little treat for me!).

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