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Ciaté coconut top coat

To be honest scented top coats or nail varnishes are a bit of a gimmick, I know we all like to smell nice but sniffing your fingers in public is probably best avoided. But as a general coconut scent lover I was definitely curious when Ciaté released a coconut scented top coat. I wouldn't have paid the full £9 for this, but when I spotted it in TK Maxx for about £4 I decided to give it a shot.

Ciaté Coconut top coat

I believe this was originally introduced as part of the South Beach Socialite collection. I loved the look of the collection when it was first released and they did actually have one in TK Maxx, but somebody had stolen the top coat from the box. This is available on its own though, as are all of the nail varnishes from the collection, and as I said on its own it's worth £9.

Being quite an expensive top coat I did expect a lot from this and I found that it fell well short. The best thing about this was actually the scent which did smell like coconut, although not quite the sun lotion kind, and lasted for a couple of days. I was wearing this when I went round to a friends house for the evening and as we were talking about nail varnishes (not all evening obviously) I told her about this and offered her my fingers to smell. Awkward. 

One thing I noticed straight away was how thin this appears in the bottle with a consistency much closer to water than nail varnish. If you tip the bottle it kind of swishes around. I didn't find this particularly quick drying (and I expect my top coat to dry pretty much instantly) and although it seemed to apply well I found that it dried streaky. This and the apparent lack of a glossy finish just made my nail varnish look awful and I just wanted to take it off. 

I'm still on the hunt for my perfect top coat after falling out of love with Seche Vite and this definitely hasn't satisfied my need. A nice scent that sticks around for a while doesn't make up for a streaky finish that is distinctly lacking in glossiness.

What top coat would you recommend I try next?

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  1. Please please please try the normal Ciate one! It's my ultimate fave and agree the coconut one just doesn't cut it! The standard top coat is gloopier and much nicer. That said I've been drawn back to Nails Inc Kensington caviar top coat too this year as its glossiness is just 👌🏼
    Love, Lucy
    Lucy Loves

    1. I'm pretty sure I have actually tried that one as I think I got a mini in a set and I did really like it until like all of them I got to about half way through and the dreaded gloop struck. What is with glossy/fast drying top coats and the half way through gloop?! x

  2. I love top coats for the glossy finish, but all the ones I've used leave streaky marks and it's so annoying!

    Just Little Things xo

    1. Oh really? I don't usually have that problem with top coats, apart from Seche Vite that for some reason goes a little streaky on my thumb nail x

  3. What a shame! Although scented nail varnish is a bit of a novelty, i'm somehow always drawn to it but always end up disappointed. Yet to try a Ciate nail varnish too. Thanks for the heads up, great post!

    - Cydney x

    1. Oh you should try one they are lovely nail varnishes but a little on the pricey side so try and grab them on offer or from somewhere like TK Maxx x


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