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Kiss True Volume Ritzy false lashes (and my attempt at applying them)

False lashes are something that I've always wanted to be able to wear but I've never been able to apply them at all. Liquid liner was something I was always completely useless at as well but as I have now mastered that I've been thinking that I might just be able to get the hang of applying false lashes too. So when I received an email about the Kiss True Volume lashes I thought lets give them a try. I received the Kiss True Volume lashes in Ritzy*.

Kiss True Volume Ritzy false lashes

I was surprised to discover that these are made from 100% human hair and I'm not quite sure how I feel about this. I thought they'd be synthetic hair and to be honest they don't really feel like natural hair. These feature a tapered, rather than blunt, tips to look more natural and are supposed to be lightweight, softer and more pliable then synthetic lashes. As I said I've haven't tried applying false lashes for years so I have nothing to compare them against to confirm if this is the case or not. Ritzy appear to be the most dramatic ones out of the three types available (with the others being Posh and Chic) probably most suited for going out in the evening.

To start with I carefully removed them from the packaging and checked the length of them against my eyes. As far as I can see I don't think I need to trim them to fit my eyes but I may be wrong as I'm certainly no expert. Are you supposed to try and pull off any glue stuck to the lashes from being stuck in the packaging? I tried but it didn't appear to be coming off easily so I just left it! I applied some glue along the band, I have no idea exactly how much you're supposed to use so I just guessed, and waited a while until it had turned a little clearer. I started with my right eye as that's always the eye I start with and I really did surprise myself by applying the first one almost perfectly! I got it perfect in the middle and managed to get the outer corner in place too but the inner corner was sticking up a little where I think I didn't position it in time. Exactly the same thing them happened with the other eye, the middle and outer corner I got into place but the inner corner was poking up a little. I'm assuming I wasn't quite quick enough before the glue dried fully.

I really did surprise myself by apparently applying them almost correctly first time. I thought I might have to practice a few times before I got the hang of it, although I obviously do need to practice getting the inner corner in place. When they were in place I have to say I could really feel (and see) them but I'm assuming this might be because I'm really not used to wearing them. The longer I wore them I did get more used to them but I could still feel that I was wearing them. I'd say these ones would definitely be better for going out as they looked quite dramatic, but again I'm not used to wearing them so I'm not used to the look of them. When I went to remove them maybe three hours later the inner corners had lifted a little but I would say that was due to me not applying them properly and maybe not quite using enough glue. They peeled off easily and appear to have maintained their shape well.

Overall I impressed myself by managing to apply them and I was impressed with the lashes themselves. As I've said I'm certainly no expert when it comes to false lashes but I liked them. I don't think false lashes are something I'll start wearing every day, especially as I don't even wear makeup every day, but I'll definitely consider using them if I'm going somewhere or even on set if the role calls for a more made up look.

What lashes would you recommend I try?

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*PR sample 

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  1. I've only used fake lashes twice in my life and neither times were within the past two years so I may give these a try because I'd really like to start using them on nights out and hopefully if you can manage it so can I :) xx

    1. I think it just takes practice. Although I haven't tried applying false lashes for years I have been practising liquid liner and managed to get the hang of that so I guess maybe it's about developing your skills in general x


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