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Instagram round-up March 2016

Recently I've become a little bit obsessed with Instagram. In November 2014 I decided to completely overhaul and work on my Pinterest and that was my focus throughout 2015. This year however I decided to have a good go at improving my Instagram and attempting to grow my following. Some of the changes Instagram have already made and the ones they're planning to make are probably going to make it difficult for smaller accounts to try and grow, but I thought I'd give it a shot anyway. 

I'm really pleased with the improvement in my Instagram images and by improving my images and interacting a lot more I've seen an increase in followers. So far this year I've already gained more followers than I gained through the whole of 2015! Quite high levels of unfollowing because I haven't followed back doesn't make it easy, but I'm pushing through that. 

I thought I might launch a little series on my blog showing some of my favourite images from my Instagram. This post covers the first quarter of the year but as I am managing to keep up with pretty much daily posting (sometimes several times a day) I might do it monthly in the future.

I didn't really intend to but I appear to have fallen into a 'light and bright' theme. I don't stick to this religiously, if I want to post something slightly different I will do, but as I don't get out much my images are mostly of what beauty products I'm playing around with at home. These aren't necessarily my most 'liked' pictures, but are my favourites. 

T:L I've had a few problems with my Clinique 'Kiss it Better' lipsticks (these ones are squashed and I'm waiting for replacements) but the packaging is gorgeous.

T:M I've only recently tried The Comforter bubble bar for the first time and you're all so right, it smells amazing! I wanted to try one of Lush's shower creams so of course had to try The Comforter one (and it's love!).

T:R I've been after an app for ages that can make one part of a black and white image colour and I finally found one. It's not perfect but it works and I enjoy playing around with it occasionally.

M:L I had a mammoth blog photography session with my new light boxes and I chucked a load of products on a candle tray (blog photography prop!) to carry downstairs.  

M:M The Lush Unicorn Horns also got the Colour Splash Effect app makeover. I can't use them because they contain lavender, but I can certainly appreciate how pretty they are. 

M:R I was lucky enough to win the entire bareMinerals Lovescape collection and my pictures of the collection have been very popular on Instagram. This one currently holds the record for the most 'like's on my account.

B:L The Body Shop are shortly launching a new product called Honey Bronze Drops of Sun and I've been trying it out to provide a review for the product page on their website. This is similar to the Clarins Glow Booster launched a year or two ago.

B:M I completely forgot about sporting 'Mini Egg' nails this Easter but popped up a picture with the options on Easter Sunday. 

B:R I think there are plenty of Juicy Shaker reviews around at the moment so I just popped up a picture to say I think they're pretty fab! They feel and smell amazing (mine is Meli Melon). 

If you'd like to follow me on Instagram you can find me here and please leave me the usernames of some of your favourites accounts in a comment below.

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