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Birchbox June 2016 - Paradise Found

My Birchbox post is a little late this month, but there is a very good reason for both that and my recent lack of posts. If you follow me on Twitter then you may be aware that I moved house at the beginning of June. I only had an admittedly very full bedroom to pack up as well as a few things in the loft and in a cupboard, but it took so long to pack and has taken even longer to unpack and settle in. I've stayed active as much as possible on Instagram but had to completely abandon blogging for a while and I've really missed it. But now I'm back, and my first post is about June's Birchbox*. 

This month Birchbox have gone for a tropical feel with the theme Paradise Found and there are two boxes; one featuring a palm tree print and one a pineapple print. I'm not sure if you got to pick your box or not this month, but you usually do have the option. There was also an upgrade available this month where you could add a pair of Quay Australia sunglasses for £18 instead of £30, but I believe this was only available before the box was actually released.

Birchbox June 2016 - Paradise Found
Birchbox June 2016 - Paradise Found

I received the palm tree box and although I think I might have preferred the pineapple one, in general I'm not a huge fan of this box design. Although in some ways the box is quite bright it's also quite pastel and I tend to prefer a bright colourful box. You can't deny that the boxes are very 'on trend' though. They just needed a watermelon slice box, a flamingo box and a unicorn box and that would have been all blogger obsessions covered! This month there has been a slight change to the box and although it is still box shaped it actually has a drawer you pull out rather than lifting off the lid. I think this one will end up on my brand new desk/dressing table used as storage.

Birchbox June 2016 - Paradise Found

When I first opened the drawer the first product that came into view was the Percy & Reed Session Hold hairspray. I only tend to use hairspray when I've curled my hair, which isn't very often at the moment, but I believe my current one is almost empty so this will come in useful. I haven't tried this at all so I have no idea what it's like but I do like the dinky little size that you can drop in your handbag. As long as it doesn't make my hair in any way crispy or solid it will probably be a thumbs up from me. 

The next product I spotted was a Laura Mercier Soufflé body crème in Ambre Vanillé. This is currently sealed (I do like to see an actually sealed product) so I can't see what it smells like until I decide to open it, but I would imagine it smells amazing. The only Laura Mercier product I've tried is a primer and that was the one that convinced me primers can actually do something for you, so I have high hopes for this being a lovely product. 

To follow was a James Reed Overnight Tan Sleep Mask Tan Face, which is a little bit of a mouthful. This is basically a fake tan for your face. You apply the gel at night, making sure you blend into the hairline and décolletage, and wake to a subtle golden glow. Hopefully! I can see the possibility for disaster with this so if I do decide to try it I'll probably start off with a patch test in my elbow or somewhere inconspicuous so I can see how it develops. 

Next up is a product from a brand that I haven't personally come across called Absolution. The product is called Le Nettoyant Pureté and on looking at the packaging I wouldn't be able to tell you what sort of product this is. Resorting to the Birchbox booklet informed me this is a gel face cleanser. The ingredients are in English and I can see that lavender is high up on the ingredients list so I'm cautious about using this. I will give it a try as it is a wash off product, but this might not be a product for me. 

Birchbox June 2016 - Paradise Found

Finally I found a little Jelly Pong Pong Paradise Pigments in Cake Pop. Again I wasn't entirely sure what this product was at first glance but it's actually a lip and cheek tint. The colour is quite shockingly bright, but the booklet does reassure you that this is much more subtle than it looks in the pot. This is the only full size product in this months box. 

Although there are a good mix of products this month, including make-up, hair care, facial tan, facial cleanser and body lotion, it's not my favourite box of the last few months. I think the products are good but are maybe not the right selection for me personally. I certainly wouldn't call it a bad box at all though.

If you'd like to sign up to Birchbox it's just £10 a month for the box plus £2.95 P&P and you can sign up here.

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  1. This looks like a good box, love the drawer design this month too :) x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

    1. The drawer is only for this month I believe but it would be good if they kept it so it would be easier to access boxes if you keep them and stack them up x


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