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Candle Belle Soy Wax Mega Melts

When I knew I was going to be moving there were two things I knew I definitely wanted to have in my new house; flowers/plants and candles. My bedroom at home was so full of 33 years worth of stuff, as well as stuff I'd started buying ready for moving out, so there wasn't any room to burn candles or display pretty flowers or plants. I first discovered Candle Belle when Fee posted about them on Makeup Savvy and I made a mental note to take a look at them later. After also seeing their Soy Wax Mega Melts pop up on Instagram several times I decided to order two of their Mega Melt bundles; one for my mum for her birthday and one for my new house. 

Candle Belle Soy Wax Mega Melts

There are a couple of different products and ways you can order from Candle Belle. You can buy Twin Wick candles for £12 each (or two for £17 or three for £25) or Soy Wax Mega Melts for £2 each or in a bundle of nine for £12.50. There's also the Mega Melt Box subscription, which includes nine Soy Wax Mega Melts a month for £11 (with a minimum subscription of three months). For the subscription you have no choice over the scents you receive, but for the first three months it's guaranteed that you won't receive any repeat fragrances. Candle Belle have 55 different scents to choose from, and boy do they have some amazing ones!

Candle Belle Soy Wax Mega Melts
Candle Belle Soy Wax Mega Melts

Each melt contains 50g of soy wax and they come in the cutest little plastic pots with a label on the top with the Candle Belle logo and the name of the scent. The labels are also colour coded with a colour you would associate with the scent and that matches the colour of the melt. They're certainly very Instagramable and have appeared in several of my photos. 

I chose slightly different scents for me and my mum based on our tastes. My choices were:

Caribbean Dream 

'An exotic blend of coconut and juicy pineapple, complemented by base notes of vanilla ice cream. Close your eyes and be transported to a tropical paradise'.

Coconut + pineapple = Pina colada! The strongest scent I can pick up in this one is the juicy, tangy pineapple and it just makes me think of a delicious cocktail.

Chocolate Brownie

'This delicious blend of warm caramel is folded into lashings of dark, rich chocolate to form an irresistible, dense chocolate sponge. A killer scent for all chocoholics'.  

This is the one I currently have in my burner. This one smells like rich dark chocolate sponge and I can imagine squishing a chocolate brownie between my fingers while I can smell this.

Clean Cotton Sheets

'Imagine freshly washed sheets gently flapping on the clothes line under a warm sun. Top notes of wild flowers are accompanied by a background of baby powder, musk and hints of citrus'.

This is the only one I choose that I'm disappointed with. It was a toss up between this and Baby Powder and because I have a baby powder perfume I decided to go with this one. I do love the smell of freshly washed sheets, but I guess it depends what you wash them in as to me this smells of what I would describe as a cheap or maybe just overly flowery washing powder. 

Granny Smith

'This delicious and true fragrance will bring just one thing to mind; Granny Smith apples. Sink your teeth into its crisp exterior to release undertones of sweet candy, which complement the scent'.

The description of this one is pretty spot on, this smells of crisp, sweet, juicy apples and makes your mouth water.

Candle Belle Soy Wax Mega Melts

Lemon meringue

'Top notes of natural, true lemon, balanced with comforting bakery tones reminiscent of a perfect pastry crust, and just a hint of toasted meringue. Smells good enough to eat'.

Again it was a toss up between this one and Key Lime Pie. In the end mum got Key Lime Pie and I went for Lemon Meringue. Another spot on description. There's definitely a strong lemon scent with an edge of a biscuit base/pastry crust accompanied by a sweet toasted smell.


'The delicious aroma of freshly popped corn kernels, coated with lashing of salty, buttery caramel. Ideal for movie nights in front of the TV'.

This was one I did actually start back in my previous house because I just couldn't wait to try one out. This one has a strong buttery smell that I want to say smells warm (as in warm popcorn) but then I'm not so sure. It definitely smells like buttery popcorn. 

Red Velvet

' Top notes of dark chocolate, strawberry syrup and red currant combine with middle notes of cocoa, buttermilk, sugar cane and true vanilla extract, to recreate the perfect red velvet aroma'.

There's rather a lot of notes in this one but I get a sweet fruity/chocolate scent with an edge of buttery vanilla. 

Summer Berry Blast

'This beautiful berry fragrance is a fruity mix of sour cherries, fresh blueberries, ripe raspberries and juicy redcurrants, all set against a hint of citrus and vanilla. Yum yum'.

A lovely sweet fruity scent with a slight citrus twang. 

Twisting Peppermint

'A tempting blend of cool peppermint, refreshing spearmint, white sugar with just a hint of  rich vanilla musk. Crisp, clean and refreshing'.

This one makes me think of Christmas; it smells of candy canes.

Candle Belle Soy Wax Mega Melts

I'm not sure if Candle Belle offer burners to use with the wax melts but I already have a Yankee Candle one so I've just been using that. Unless you have a deeper one (mine is quite shallow) I wouldn't recommend using a whole melt as I think it would possibly overflow. Instead I chop mine in half, which is very easy to do, and just leave the other half in the pot. Once you've blown out the candle you can either just leave the wax to solidify in the burner to use next time, or if you want to change scent you can wait for it to cool a little and just pour it back in the tub. 

Apart from the one scent I'm really not keen on these all smell amazing and they do a great job of filling the room and beyond when melted. If you burn wax regularly the subscription is a great idea to keep you stocked up, but if you're a more occasional burner I'd recommend trying out a nine melt box. You can find the Candle Belle website here.

Have you tried the Candle Belle Soy Wax Mega Melts?

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  1. I see these melts on Instagram all the time and they look amazing - it's something I very rarely use is a melt, dunno why - just always reach for candles. The packaging is just adorable.

    Gill McLaughlin

    1. They make a pretty Instagram picture! They're slightly more effort than a candle but not much x

  2. These sound soo good! I need to get my hands on some!

    Jen /


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