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CaseApp iPad skin & discount code

When Swedish brand CaseApp contacted me asking if I'd like to review one of their cases or skins I was pretty certain they wouldn't stock cases that would fit my phone. You see when it last came to upgrade time for me I walked into my boyfriends local O2 store and O2 man wooed me with a brand new phone that had been released that day. So instead of sticking with the Samsung S series, which some phone case brands do cater for (life does exist outside of iPhones you know guys!) I was lured over to the brand new A series and walked away with a Samsung A5. Have you come across anybody else with a Samsung A5? No, me neither. I don't think it's been a popular phone and therefore getting a cute case for it has been impossible, and don't even get me started on the battery problem and having to send it back to be repaired.

Anyway, luckily for me CaseApp don't just do phone cases but also cater for other devices, offering you the chance to design your own custom iPad or laptop skins or cases, and of course you can also design your own custom iPhone case. If you don't fancy actually designing your own you can also choose from one of their own designs, which you can then customise a little if you want to. 

CaseApp iPad case

Although it is amazing that you can customise your own case and have something truly unique to you I went for one of their own designs as I didn't know where to start with designing my own and didn't really have the time to do it. As I couldn't get a case for my phone I decided to go for a skin for my iPad, as the case it was in when mum handed it down to me was a little worse for wear.

After a browse through their own designs I settled on this gorgeous purple to blue ombre bubble design, which I'm afraid they don't appear to have anymore. Not to worry though as there's plenty of designs to choose from including marble, palm trees, watermelon and glitter. 

CaseApp iPad case

As a skin rather than a case this just covers the back of my iPad and doesn't offer any protection for the screen at all. As I mostly use my iPad in the house this doesn't matter and if I do take it out with me I just pop it inside a bubble wrap envelope I have to protect the screen. This clips on to the iPad and the only thing you can see from the front of the iPad of the skin is just where the edges clip over slightly to hold on to the iPad. It doesn't even do this all the way round. 

The skin is beautifully made, there's not a rough edge in sight and all holes or cut out sections for ports, speakers, the camera lens etc are either an exact fit or oversized so the skin doesn't interfere with any functions at all. I love the ombre bubble design I went for and am really glad I chose it. I'd love something similar for my phone, but alas that's not to be!

If you fancy treating yourself to any case or skin available on the CaseApp website they have kindly given me a 20% discount code to share with my lovely readers. Just head over to the CaseApp website and enter code BLOGOFBEAUTY50 at the checkout and 20% will be deducted from your order. Prices vary depending on product but my iPad skin was just £17.

Are you thinking of treating yourself to anything?

*PR sample 

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