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Instagram round-up May & June 2016

Due to moving and not posting for over a month I actually missed my May Instagram round-up. But rather than missing it out completely I thought I'd do a double month round-up to include May and June.

As I've mentioned before, this year I decided to focus on improving my Instagram and trying to grow my following and I'm delighted that so far this year I have managed to double the number of followers I have. I'm not talking about huge numbers, I've only gone from 359 to currently 727, but considering I only gained 117 followers in the whole of 2015 I'm very pleased to have trebled that figure already this year. 

I'll make a start with May.

Instagram round-up May 2016

T:L May's Birchbox certainly was a good one. I've already nearly used up two of the products and will be definitely be trying/using the others. You can read my post on the May Birchbox here.

T:M I'm not a fan of yellow gold jewellery at all because I don't think it looks right on me but there's just something about the ring my grandma gave me that I love. It does actually fit my finger, so I am tempted to wear it, but I'm also scared I might lose it or damage it.

T:R I decided to do a little flat lay of some of my YSL products. Most of these I actually won from a Dave Lackie competition and I think the red lipstick I won as part of a prize bundle of products from Debenhams. I won the Debenhams competition with an Instagram picture! 

M:L I've spotted Candle Belle products popping up on Instagram and blogs and decided I wanted some ready for moving into my new house. I also bought some for my mum for her birthday. I'll be posting about these in the near future. 

M:M I have a couple of pairs of ASOS own sandals (the same pair in different colours) and they are so comfy. I decided to check out what pairs they had this year and fell in love with the Janine. I couldn't decided between black and nude, so went for both!

M:R This definitely isn't the best picture but these are the perfumes my boyfriend bought me for my birthday as I realised I didn't have any of my favourites perfumes or any I really like. He bought me these about a month early as Debenhams had a discount on at the time. 

B:L I'm a big fan of Lord & Berry's lipstick crayons and this is my little collection. I've recently been sent some Lord & Berry products to try so keep an eye out for a review coming soon. 

B:M I've never really been an Apple fan (apart from the iPod) but when mum upgraded her iPad I wasn't going to say no to her old one! Caseapp recently send me a gorgeous skin for it, which I'll be posting about soon, including a discount code for you guys. 

B:R May's Birchbox came with a scratch off panel on the lid where you could reveal if you'd won a holiday. I knew I wouldn't win with my PR box but I wanted to reveal the design underneath. After quite a bit of time, a huge mess and my arm nearly falling off I managed to scratch off the whole thing!

Instagram round-up June 2016

T:L I asked which Candle Belle melt I should burn first in my new house. To be honest though I still haven't actually got round to burning any of them!

T:M I knew when I moved that I wanted to have fresh flowers in the house as much as I could and my boyfriend has been keeping me stocked up, usually with three bunches in the house at a time. I had some lovely Roses but this ones head was so heavy I picked up his stem and the head fell off!

T:R Now I finally have a desk/dressing table I can make use of my 'house'. I always knew I wanted to display nail varnishes in it and that's exactly what I've done. This held the record for 'most liked' until it was pipped by another picture I'll be talking about shortly.

M:L So far I think my favourite flowers are definitely Tulips and I'm so glad they're still in seasonsso I've been able to have some. I'm on my second lot of Tulips and currently have these beautiful rainbow ones. 

M:M It's a bit of a tradition for mum to buy me pyjamas for my birthday and Christmas and this year she bought me some fab ones from Next. The top has one little embroidered cactus and the bottoms have a cactus print on them.

M:R These are the first bunch of Tulips I had. I do love the single colour Tulips but the two colour ones are also gorgeous.

B:L This is the picture that now holds the 'most liked' record and that's probably because it's a blogger cliche copper lamp. I wanted a lamp for my desk and when I spotted this on somebody else's Instagram I asked where they got it from. It was just £13 from The Range!

B:M When taking the pictures of my Candle Belle melts for my post I popped one out of its pot and into a little dish to show what they look like. I then realised it actually looks more like some kind of berry iced sorbet rather than a wax melt!

B:R I really like cacti and succulent plants (I guess like most bloggers) but didn't really have space for them in my room at home. Since moving into my new house I've been stocking up and the ones I have live on the blocked off fireplace in my room.

As this months post is a little long I won't recommend any accounts to follow, that will return next month.

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